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Watchmen series from Damon Lindelof gets pilot, scripts order from HBO

by on Sep.21, 2017, under Television

HBO has given a green light for a pilot and backup scripts based on the limited comic series Watchmen from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The project comes from Damon Lindelof, who teased the project on Instagram (see below) before the announcement, and Warner Bros TV.

Zack Snyder previously adapted Watchmen into a feature film in 2009.

Watchmen is set in an alternate history world in 1985 at the height of the cold war. Superheroes exist and have had a hand in changing the outcomes of major events for about 50 years, but they are now mostly retired, with a few working as government agents.

Day One.

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Syfy Tidbits: Happy! premiere, Tremors pilot cast

by on Sep.19, 2017, under Television

A couple of tidbits from Syfy today…first, Syfy has pushed back the premiere date of Happy! for a week, and it will now premiere on Wednesday, December 6th at 10/9c.

Universal Cable Productions’ Happy! is based on New York Times best-selling author Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel of the same name. The series follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU) – an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop turned hit man – who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a tiny, relentlessly positive, imaginary blue winged horse named “Happy” (Bobby Moynihan, Saturday Night Live).

Also announced are some cast additions to the Tremors reboot pilot.

Emily Tremaine (Vinyl) will play Emily McKee, the recently graduated “whip smart” daughter of Valentine McKee (Kevin Bacon, reprising his role from the original movie.)

Megan Ketch (American Gothic) will play Mindy Sterngood, a young doctor who is fixated on the older Val, but appears to be hiding something…

Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead) will play Nico Garza, who has been just hanging out in Perfection waiting for the opportunity to split, working at Earl’s Graboid Waste Gobbling company.

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There is still time to back Warehouse 13: The Board Game on Kickstarter!

by on Sep.17, 2017, under Games, Television

Calling all Warehouse agents!!! We know you like Warehouse 13…do you like semi-cooperative board games? Did you know there is a fully licensed board game in development? We need you to help get it made!

Work as one of the familiar agents, while trying to stop MacPherson from gaining power from the artifacts. But beware – one of you is actually a spy for MacPherson!

There is still a week to pledge money to help get this project to completion. Head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge any amount. $50 will get you a copy of the game along with an exclusive Leena character!

Check out this gameplay video with Pete Lattimer himself, Eddie McClintock!

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Wonder Woman dazzles on Blu-ray

by on Sep.17, 2017, under Movies, Video/DVD

Put simply, Wonder Woman is a spectacular movie. It is likely the best superhero movie DC and Warner Bros has yet put out. And now it heads to Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, Ultra 4K Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, September 19th! And the Blu-ray releases include a special bonus scene not seen in theaters!

Like any superhero action movie, Wonder Woman is laden with action scenes and visual effects, but they are done so well and don’t detract from the character story, which delves into the origin of Diana, Princess of Themyscira, who we all know as Wonder Woman, although it starts off where Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had left with Bruce Wayne wondering about where she came from in a photo taken 100 years earlier.

The visual effects were simply amazing. To me, extensive use of “bullet time” effects can get annoying, but their use here was not only not distracting but incredible. Combine that with some of the spectacular location shots, and it makes for a beautiful movie. There were only a couple of visual issues I picked up on, and only on viewing the Blu-ray…the early wide shot of the Amazon training felt composited where it seems like some of the fighters were overlaid on the scene. And the glowing of the lasso rope felt too cartoonish…a light glow only to enhance the color would have been better.

The cast was excellent as well.

Gal Gadot was awesome. Aside from her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which as a movie I didn’t care for), this was the first movie I actually saw her in. I think she was perfect in the part as a fish-out-of-water superhero, both fierce and beautiful simultaneously.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor…Pine for some reason always makes me feel like he’s somehow going to charm his way out of every situation with his smile…and I still like him. His charm I think works for the spy character.

I especially liked their misfit team: Charlie (Ewen Brenmer), the drunken singing Scotsman sharpshooter who suffers from PTSD but gets dragged back in to the war for the mission to stop Ares; Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui), the French Moroccan super-spy master of disguise; and Chief Napi (Eugene Brave Rock), the Blackfoot mystic tracker and smuggler who knows he won’t die in _this_ war. I believe all three might be original characters. Throw in Etta Candy (Lucy Davis), Trevor’s secretary, who I think might be my favorite secondary character in the movie. If they wanted to do a spinoff TV series, this group would be it…

The story was compelling, not dwelling on the origin too long to no get to the meat of the story but still providing it and her motivation to travel to the world of men. But in the process, it provided a female character could be beautiful and strong and not simply be an object or companion. And while being based on the character we are familiar with, it provides a completely fresh take on the character.

The climax is a bit of a shocker, and I can’t comment without it becoming a serious spoiler, but that’s the one thing I didn’t like about the story – not because it was bad for the story, but for what it did…

The extras on the home release complement the movie very well:

Crafting the Wonder – The obligatory making-of feature, but very interesting as it shows the attention to details during filming, down the to color of smoke and how it would look on film and interact with the costumes, and individualized imagery given to the Amazons.

A Director’s Vision – A five part look at 5 important and exciting moments with director Patty Jenkins.

  • Themyscira: The Hidden Island – creating the mysterious island of the Amazons
  • Beach Battle – filming the spectacular battle between the Amazons and invaders
  • A Photograph Through Time – The photograph that links two different eras
  • Diana in the Modern World – Diana enters the strange world of men
  • Wonder Woman at War – Filming of the incredible “No Man’s Land” battle scene

Warriors of Wonder Woman – The creation of the Amazons, and all the work transform them into the classic warrior women of mythology.

The Trinity – Exploration of the legend of Wonder Woman, in comparison to Superman and Batman.

The Wonder Behind the Camera – The women behind Wonder Woman discuss film making with a group of aspiring filmmakers while on set.

Finding the Wonder Woman Within – Poets and public figures discuss the importance and impact of Wonder Woman.

Extended Scenes – A few alternate scenes from the movie.

Blooper Reel – See why Chris Pine gave Gal Gadot the nickname “Giggles”!

And the exclusive special feature on the Blu-ray editions…
Epilogue: Etta’s Mission – Etta gets the team back together to take on new missions, including a search for a very powerful artifact that just might have an impact on the upcoming Justice League movie. Remember how I said that if they were to make a spinoff series, that was the team they’d do it with? Well, here is a start…

Wonder Woman will be the first modern DC Comics-based movie to join our disc shelf. Don’t forget to order yours today!

Let’s hope this gives the boost they need and continue the trend in Justice League and beyond.

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Freeform cancels Stitchers

by on Sep.15, 2017, under Television

Freeform has canceled sci-fi procedural Stitchers, no long after it concluded its third season.

Creator and executive producer Jeffrey A. Schechter tweeted not long ago, “Sadly, it’s true. #Stitchers is done. But the energy, love, and support of our fans is something that I am grateful for & will never forget. Our amazing cast and crew are the real heroes of this adventure. And thanks @FreeformTV for giving me the chance to tell 3 yrs of stories.”

Star Emma Ishta posted on Instagram:

This is especially sad for my family, as myself, my wife and two daughters would all watch this show together. We wish the cast and crew good luck in their next endeavors!

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Syfy shuts down The Machine

by on Sep.12, 2017, under Television

Syfy will not proceed with a series order for pilot The Machine.

Based on a 2013 British cult film, the series will explores humanity through artificial intelligence when a sentient AI is created, but the military wants to use it for war. Most recently, Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff and Aliens‘ Lance Henriksen were announced to join Jaeden Bettencourt (Hotel Transylvania 2) as the voice of three supercomputers.

Word is that Syfy brass wanted the pilot reworked, and liked the improvement, but not sufficiently to pick it up as a series.

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Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs to take on Robotech

by on Sep.12, 2017, under Movies, Television

Deadline reports that writer Jason Fuchs, who co-wrote Wonder Woman and also wrote Pan and Ice Age: Continental Drift, will take on the screenplay for Sony’s Robotech. Andy Muschietti (It) was attached as director in July.

The project is Sony’s attempt at a new franchise based on the 1985 anime series from Harmony Gold USA in partnership with Tatsunoko Production Company, and was actually three separate anime series (“Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, “Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross”, and “Genesis Climber MOSPEADA”), dubbed and edited to have a common plot line, showing three “generations” of characters. The common theme in the series is what is called “robotechnology” (a.k.a. “mecha”) – vehicles and spaceships which could transform into robots, which allowed the humans to take on aliens of immense size. It also spawned a number of direct-to-video movies.

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J.J. Abrams to direct and co-write Star Wars Episode IX, release delayed to December 2019

by on Sep.12, 2017, under Movies

With last week’s surprise announcement that Colin Trevorrow was ousted as director of Star Wars IX, speculation ran wild on who would take over…but that’s all put to rest now as it was announced today that J.J. Abrams himself will return to direct and co-write the script with Chris Terrio.

With the change in direction, the release has been pushed back to December 20th, 2019.

J.J. ushered a new era of Star Wars with The Force Awakens, directing and producing along with co-writing with Lawrence Kasdan. He handed the reins over to Rian Johnson for the upcoming The Last Jedi, and was considered the front runner to replace Trevorrow.

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Dr. Jerry E. Pournelle 1933-2017

by on Sep.08, 2017, under Books, Obituaries

Author and technology pundit Dr. Jerry E. Pournelle passed away earlier today, according to messages from his son Alex and daughter Jennifer.

I cam across him in so many ways over the years, although we never had the chance to meet in person. I remember his columns in Byte magazine, one of my favorite parts of the magazine, where he discussed using the various things he was sent to review. And like Larry Niven he provided world building in his fiction stories. I was particularly enthralled by the CoDomunium setting, which I discovered through his collaboration with Niven in The Mote In God’s Eye and the sequel The Gripping Hand, where each author played off each other’s strengths.

I’d later encounter Pournelle again in the tech world through the This Week In Tech podcasts, where he was an occasional panel member.

We will certainly miss him.

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Star Wars Rebels final season trailer and premiere date

by on Sep.05, 2017, under Television

The fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels will premiere on October 16th on Disney XD with an hour-long episode, which finds the crew of the Ghost joining the Rebel Alliance, but when Ezra’s home world of Lothal sees a new Imperial threat, he heads back to to take on Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Check out the second trailer below!

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