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Composer James Horner dead after plane crash

by on Jun.23, 2015, under Movies, Obituaries

Update 6/23: Horner’s representatives confirmed his death.

Oscar- and Grammy-winning composer James Horner, who scored more than 75 films including Titanic (for which he received two Oscars), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (his film debut), Braveheart, Aliens, Apollo 13 and The Amazing Spider-Man and Avatar, is believed to be the pilot who died in a single-engine plane crash in Central Florida on Monday. No one else was on board.

Officials have not confirmed the name of the pilot yet, but the 61-year-old composer is a licensed pilot and has not been heard from since the crash. Condolences from those who knew him have been coming in, however. Director Ron Howard, who worked with Horner on Apollo 13, Cocoon and several other movies, tweeted early this morning:

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Neill Blomkamp will direct next Aliens movie

by on Feb.21, 2015, under Movies

Chappie director Neill Blomkamp tweeted out the other day a picture of a classic Giger Alien with the text: “Um… So I think it’s officially my next film. #alien”

[We tried embedding the pic, but it failed – see it here]

It has since been confirmed that he will indeed direct a fifth film in the Aliens series, which will be follow up the prequel-sequel Prometheus 2. Blomkamp had been teasing an Aliens film for a while but it appeared to have died out. Star Sigourney Weaver was also expected to return as Ripley but it is not known if she is still attached. Blomkamp is no stranger to directing strange CGI aliens…he directed and received an Oscar nomination for the screenplay of the surprise hit District 9, his feature directorial debut.

Where it will fit in the franchise is unknown but it will definitely take place years after the time of Prometheus 2.

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Prometheus on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday

by on Oct.07, 2012, under Movies, Video/DVD

Just a reminder – PRometheus is out on both Blu-ray and DVD this coming Tuesday, October 9th. Order now and you could still get it on Tuesday, and help us pay the bills!

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Play LaserTag against your SF heroes at Comicpalooza!

by on Apr.23, 2012, under Conventions, Fun Stuff, Movies, Television

Fancy the idea of taking up arms against some of your favorite heroes from SF film and television? Or fancy a blaster fight with a squad of Stormtroopers led by General Motti? (Hey, at least that last one should be easy…we know how well Stormtroopers shoot!)

Well, you might have your chance at Comicpalooza, in Houston May 25-27!

“The next best thing to being a sci-fi or action hero has to be shooting a sci-fi or action hero with a gun. Or maybe being shot by one,” says John Simons, founder and Chairman of Comicpalooza, the Texas International Comic Con. At least that’s the premise that led to the Badass Celebrity Smackdown, in which fans attending Comicpalooza May 25-27 will get their chance to pit themselves against stars of some of the biggest sci-fi and action franchises in Hollywood while helping US veterans at the same time.
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