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CBS orders two more episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, companion series; releases trailer

by on May.17, 2017, under Television

CBS dropped some info on the upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery – not a lot, mind you, but some – and more importantly, the trailer for the show.

Today at the network’s upfront presentations, they announced that they ordered an additional two episodes, bringing up the first season to 15 episodes. In addition, there will be a companion “Talk” series called Talking Trek – a strategy that is becoming increasingly popular with off-broadcast genre shows.

And then there is this…

I still have fears that limiting this series to the CBS All Access pay-streaming service will limit the audience too much to support such an expensive show, but I’m not sure what the All Access subscriber numbers look like currently.

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Syfy bankrupts Incorporated; Star Trek: Discovery expected by early Fall

by on Feb.27, 2017, under Television

Syfy has canceled the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck produced Incorporated after just a single season. The hyped-up show failed to get hyped up ratings, averaging well below Syfy’s other flagship shows. Syfy is lining up pilots with four given green lights so far along with Superstition, which was given a straight-to-series order.

On the opposite side, CBS’ Les Moonves is very confident that the twice delayed Star Trek: Discovery will be ready to debut in early Fall and perhaps late Summer – and he understands the importance of the show to the network.Star Trek is the family jewels,” Moonves says. “We’re not going to rush it in. There’s a lot of post production. But I’m very confident based on what I’ve seen so far.”

Star Trek: Discovery was most recently delayed from a May release last month, given they hadn’t actually started filming yet. Filming started shortly after that announcement, so a Fall debut seems more realistic.

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MacGyver first look trailer released by CBS

by on May.19, 2016, under Television

While others are just teasing their new shows, CBS decided to give a whole trailer to MacGyver, after it was picked up for series earlier this week. Interestingly, all this footage is from the pilot, but there is some chatter that the pilot might not make it to air, since they are dropping the supporting cast outside of George Eads. If the do show the pilot there would be a “what happened” issue, but it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened – it’s happened on many shows in the past. Even the original Star Trek aired the second pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, which had a different doctor, some other crew members, and set differences (the snake-armed communicator from the first pilot is still on the captain’s chair, and the forward viewer was shaped differently for instance.) Even weirder in that case, it was shown as the third episode, which made for a continuity issue.

[Video no longer available]

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Supergirl left off CBS renewal list – for now

by on Mar.26, 2016, under Television

CBS announced a whole slew of renewals yesterday…but left off all of their freshman shows, including Supergirl. So what does it mean?

Well, first thing, it’s among good company. None of the freshman shows have been named yet, Limitless, Code Black and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, which are generally believe to be getting renewed but haven’t been mentioned yet. However, all three of those shows are fully or co-owned by the network, whereas Supergirl comes from Warner Bros. TV. CBS also hasn’t made an announcement on flagship show Criminal Minds either, which is still solid but after 11 years the pricetag on another season is pretty high. But it at least shows that all the decision making is not done yet.

Numbers-wise, Supergirl is a step above its older DC siblings over on The CW – The Flash and Arrow, who are already renewed. The most recent episode for Supergirl was just shy of 6 million viewers, compared to 3 million for The Flash and 2.14 million for Arrow. Normally this would be great – but a show on CBS is different than on The CW…the latter tends to hold on to shows more as they have been struggling to find viewers in general – they are a distant fifth among the five primary broadcast networks, and those numbers are generally good for them. 6 million is OK, but not great for one of the Big Three. In addition, after a super-solid debut of 13 million viewers, Supergirl has been shedding viewers, with the last four continually dropping.

Les Moonves had already indicated that they had plans to renew their freshman shows earlier this month. Perhaps CBS is just waiting to see what happens over the final three episodes, which includes a crossover stunt with The Flash airing this Monday.

So hopefully we will hear soon – and hopefully it will be positive.

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CBS wants MacGyver back as a series

by on Oct.03, 2015, under Television

CBS is picking up the idea of a MacGyver reboot, and James Wan (Furious 7 director) is running with it. In fact, Wan has been interesting in working on MacGyver for some time, to the point that he had already developed a “Young MacGyver” feature film.

While they aren’t actually calling it a “Young” MacGyver, it does appear that they are setting the character about 10 years younger than the original (played by Richard Dean Anderson), and plan to show how he gained his abilities to “macgyver” contraptions to save the day.

MacGyver was previously being eyed for a feature film from creator Lee Zlotoff and the De Laurentiis clan behind it for New Line Cinema, but it apparently went nowhere.

This new potential series will bring back original executive producer Henry Winkler, to be joined by R. Scott Gemmill (NCIS: Los Angeles), who will also write the pilot, Wan (who will direct) and Michael Clear, who runs Wan’s shingle Atomic Monster.

The series will come from the network’s corporate sibling CBS Television Studios, who owns the rights to MacGyver through its merger with Paramount Network Television.

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CBS cancels Under The Dome after three seasons

by on Aug.31, 2015, under Television

CBS just announced that it will not order a fourth season of summer series Under The Dome.

The show, which is generally credited with making the summer TV season a potential ratings boom (and with it, advertising dollars), debuted in June of 2013 with nearly 18 million viewers (Live+7), outdoing all but one of the fall debuts in 2012. But with various plot twists over three seasons it shed viewers pretty quickly. It proved a strong performer for streaming services via Amazon, and will continue to be available there.

It is almost certain that CBS will renew Zoo, and it is believed that with Under The Dome out of the way, Extant has a stronger chance at renewal as well.

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Comics reach last of the broadcast networks; CBS takes Supergirl

by on Sep.19, 2014, under Television

The infiltration of the comics industry into the TV networks is now complete. The last U.S. broadcast network has fallen; CBS has given a series commitment to a Supergirl series from Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Tomorrow People) and Ali Adler (Chuck, Glee).

Based on the DC Comics character, the series will follow the less-famous cousin of Kal-El/Superman, Kara Zor-El, who has been hiding on Earth since the destruction of Krypton, then at the age of 24 decides to use her powers for the greater good.

The series was presented to broadcasters just Wednesday, and the deal reportedly closed last night. It is interesting for CBS, as the demographic for network skews older than the others. However, aside from being the only network lacking a comics-based series, it also has been making a heavy push for more female-driven shows, just this week having the debut of The Mysteries of Laura, another series headed up by Berlanti. He also recently sold CBS a put pilot commitment for The Things The Left Behind, based on a Stephen King short story.

Supergirl will join ABC’s Agent Carter for a female-led comics series, and it will give DC Comics presence on all networks except ABC – which shares a corporate parent (Disney) with DC’s chief rival, Marvel.

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CBS renews Under The Dome for second season

by on Jul.29, 2013, under Television

CBS has already given a second season order for the Stephen King summer series Under The Dome, announced today at their Television Critics Association presentation. Stephen King himself will pen the second season premiere episode.

The show premiered to a 4.6 Live+7 rating in the 18-49 demos and has been relatively stable since. It also shows on Amazon only 4 days after the network premiere, free to Amazon Prime subscribers (not a subscriber? Try a 30-day free trial.)

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Under The Dome to stream on Amazon 4 days after CBS broadcast

by on Feb.11, 2013, under Online Video, Television

Amazon struck a deal with CBS to allow online streaming of the upcoming summer series Under The Dome, from Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, just 4 days after the initial airing on CBS. Amazon Prime members exclusively will be able to stream the show an unlimited number of times.

Why four days? Because currently networks sell commercial slots to advertisers based on the “C3” rating – which counts the number of viewers who watch the commercials played during the broadcast, both live and time-shifted up to three days. After the third day it doesn’t matter much to the network, so this is likely the soonest you’ll see digital distribution done by anyone other than the broadcast network for a show.

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CBS signs Natalie Martinez and Alex Koch for Under The Dome

by on Jan.23, 2013, under Television

CBS has announced that actors Natalie Martinez (CSI: NY) and newcomer Alex Koch have been signed to star in the 13-episode straight-to-series Under The Dome, which is being produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and is based on a novel by Stephen King.

The series, set to air this summer, is about a small New England town that suddenly finds itself cut off from the rest of the world by a dome, and must learn to survive in post-apocalyptic conditions while trying to discover where they dome came from, and why.

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