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Dirk Gently Season 2 trailer

by on Aug.24, 2017, under Television

“Somewhere Dirk is waiting for us to find him, and he’ll know how to fix this…”

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency returns October 14th at 9/8c on BBC America!

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Casting TidBits: Sackhoff, Henriksen join The Machine; Dirk Gently promotes Chau

by on Apr.05, 2017, under Television

Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff and Aliens‘ Lance Henriksen will join Jaeden Bettencourt (Hotel Transylvania 2) as the voice of three supercomputers in the artificial intelligence-driven drama pilot The Machine for Syfy.

Based on a 2013 British cult film, the series will explores humanity through artificial intelligence when a sentient AI is created, but the military wants to use it for war. Caradog James, who directed the film, is an executive producer with Red & Black Films and John Giwa-Amu, the film’s producer, and Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle).

Over at BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, the series has upped actor Osric Chau, who played Vogel of the Rowdy 3, to a series regular for Season 2. Chau previously appeared on Supernatural.

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Dirk Gently renewed for second season by BBC America

by on Nov.21, 2016, under Television

BBC America has renewed Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency for a second season of 10 episodes, up from 8 episodes for the current season, which will air sometime in 2017.

According to BBC America President Sarah Barnett, “Outlandishly different, Dirk Gently has hit a sweet spot with BBCA fans/ With Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett’s chemistry as oddball detective/sidekick duo, and our creators promising ever greater genius-weird cosmic mystery in the next case, we’re happy to announce more of this truly original and entertaining show.”

The show is based on the Dirk Gently novels from the late Douglas Adams, best known for the crazy Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series of novels, and follows the eccentric Holistic Detective Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) and his reluctant bellboy-turned-assistant Todd (Elijah Wood) as they try and unravel a strange mystery.

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HotShot Trailers: Comic Con Trailer round up

by on Jul.26, 2016, under Movies, Television

So many trailers out from Comic Con…here is just a dump of a bunch of them…

Doctor Strange

Dirk Gently


Star Trek Discovery
(I’m not yet digging the new ship design…)

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Wonder Woman

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Cast additions to Dirk Gently, Dark Matter

by on May.25, 2016, under Television

BBC America’s Dirk Gently series added a slew of new cast members this week, joining series stars Samuel Barnett (Gently) and Elijah Wood (Todd).

Neil Brown Jr. (Straight Outta Compton) and Richard Schiff (The West Wing) will play Estevez and Zimmerfield, missing person detectives operating increasingly off book as they follow the trail of a complex and mystifying case; Jade Eshete (Shades of Blue) plays Farah Black, a bad-ass Security Officer for a billionaire; Mpho Koaho (Falling Skies) plays Ken, a nerdy, friendly-faced tech trapped in increasingly difficult and bloody circumstances; Fiona Dourif (When We Rise) will play Bart Curlish, the terrifying “Holistic Assassin”; Michael Eklund (The Call II) is Martin, violent ring leader of the Rowdy 3; Miguel Sandoval (Medium) plays Colonel Scott Riggins, beleaguered CIA head of a defunct secret bureau investigating the paranormal; Dustin Milligan (Schitt’s Creek) is Sergeant Hugo Friedkin, Riggin’s subordinate, unpredictable, wildly ambitious and dangerous moron; and Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica) portrays Gordon Rimmer, an enigmatic loser with an impressive series of horrible secrets.

Over on Syfy, Franka Potente (Copper) will have a recurring role on the second season of Dark Matter as Commander Shaddick, Chief Inspector of the Galactic Authority Serious Crimes Division. She is described as “cool, calculated and determined to prove the crew of the Raza were involved in the destruction of Iriden 3.”

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BBC America’s Dirk Gently finds its lead in Samuel Barnett

by on Mar.30, 2016, under Television

Per Deadline, Samuel Barnett (Jupiter Ascending, Bright Star) has been cast in the title role of BBC America’s adaptation of Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency novels. The late Adams is best known for his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books and various adaptations.

Robert Cooper, who led the Stargate franchise for MGM, will be showrunner. Max Landis (Chronicle) is writing, and Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) will direct the first two episodes.

Dirk Gently is a serialized comedic thriller that follows the bizarre adventures of eccentric “holistic” detective Dirk Gently and his reluctant assistant Todd, as they wend their way through one big, seemingly insane mystery, crossing unlikely paths with a bevy of wild and sometimes dangerous characters, each episode landing them a few random steps closer to uncovering the truth. BBC America gave a straight-to-series order for 8 one-hour episodes in January, with it expected to debut this Fall.

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