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by on Oct.05, 2000, under Sci-Fi Storm

Welcome to Sci-Fi Storm. We are in an experimental state, so please be gentle. And we could use your help…

Update 10/18/00: Reflecting the new name change, and a few other minor changes…

For those of you not familiar with Slashdot or other Slash-based sites, it can only run with the support of its readers. YOU are the ones who submit the stories, help moderate the discussions, and make this site successful. You can even customize things to your own liking, like items displayed on the side (such as the latest from Slashdot or Sci-Fi News, etc.) Some of the links are unfinished, but should be fixed soon.

This site could be considered experimental at this stage. I’m still adjusting things (like the color scheme – I haven’t quite found one I like yet). And I don’t know if it will support the load. I also don’t currently have a guaranteed connection, so it may be down from time to time. If enough people patronize the sponsors (when we have them… :^), I may be able to support more.

So, let’s get this ball rolling…give me stories…give me ideas…give me encouragement…:^)

What should you submit? News about your favorite author, show, movie, etc. Got a short story on the web somewhere? Send us a link. Book, TV, and movie reviews are always good too…

P.S. If anyone is willing to come up with some decent yet small graphics to replace the “newspaper” icons for the different topics (especially something for Star Trek, perhaps a small rendition of a ship), submit them to storm @ and I’ll take a look…oh, and just because you don’t see a topic for your favorite show/whatever, doesn’t mean there won’t be one – I just haven’t gotten to creating them all yet.

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