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Tidbits: Seven, Trek, Matrix, Spidey, etc.

by on Dec.29, 2000, under General News

This week at Sci-Fi Weekly: Seven of Nine may turn tragic before the end of Voyager; Fan still pushing for U.S.S. Excelsior Trek series; Yoeh possibly in Matrix sequels while Keanu trains; Sam Raimi talks about Spider-Man, with Bruce Campbell getting a cameo; and more.

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Episode 2 troubles? Spielberg to rescue?

by on Dec.29, 2000, under Movies

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that George Lucas and Rick McCallum are looking into reworking major portions of Episode 2 after a rough screening, and that Steven Spielberg may be called in to help…

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Site stability problems

by on Dec.22, 2000, under General News

My apologies for the stability of the site lately. I tried to make an important upgrade, but you all know how well that works.

The server began shutting down for no known reason after the upgrade, so I’ve backed out the changes and hopefully it will be stable again. Down the road I’ll do some more work to reimplement the changes.

Hopefully some day I’ll be able to afford redundant systems…

Update 12/22: Well, the hardware swap in in place. It is a slower box, but maybe it will work…still testing. There were some routing issues that took a while to clear up as well.

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Lord of the Rings update from New Line

by on Dec.21, 2000, under Movies

From New Line Cinema: “The Fellowship of the Ring will be released on December 19th, 2001.
The first theatrical trailer will be released on January 12th, 2001 and it
will be exclusively attached to New Line’s Thirteen Days.
Also on January 12th, 2001, the official web site
will be relaunched with updated content.”
Can’t wait that long…

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Demon With a Glass Hand Movie

by on Dec.19, 2000, under Movies

djryan writes “Author Harlan Ellison and director David Twohy are to collaborate on a movie version of Ellison’s classic Outer Limit’s script Demon With a Glass Hand for Dimension Films.

The script is set to be completed by June 2001, and Twohy (Pitch Black) will direct.”

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Rising Stars Trade Paperback

by on Dec.18, 2000, under Stories

djryan writes “The first Rising Stars trade paperback Rising Stars: Lost in Fire has been published on the Joe’s Comics imprint by Top Cow. It collects the first eight issues of the series and is without a doubt the best comic I’ve read.

In case you haven’t heard, Rising Stars is the story of 100 odd individuals who were in utero as a coment passed over a small town in Illinois. These people went on to develop powers as a restult of this and changed the world.

It’s not what you think, and takes a departure from the usual superhero antics.”

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More news on widescreen, audio problems from JMS

by on Dec.15, 2000, under Television

JMS posted on about a meeting he had with Warner Bros. on what happened with the widescreen episodes and how they plan to handle it. Read below for the full article…

(continue reading…)

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More City of Dreams to come

by on Dec.14, 2000, under Stories

Damien Ryan writes “Those of you who’ve been tuning in to the City of Dreams on the SciFi Channel web site may have been wondering where the new episodes have gone. According to a post on Usenet by JMS they’ve been delayed because of his work on a new television series and a movie.

He has just submitted the next two scripts: “The Alpha and Omega of David Wells,” which should go into the studio in about a week, and will star Peter Gallagher (of American Beauty, and Sex, Lies & Videotape), and “Dream Police,” which will go up a bit thereafter.”

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Tidbits: LOTR, MIB2, and more

by on Dec.08, 2000, under Movies

All from Sci-Fi Weekly: Lord of the Rings wraps up principle photography on Dec 22nd; Mace Windu will have an expanded role in Episode II; MIB2 will begin shooting in June; Jada Pinkett Smith to be in Matrix 2; Iron Man script in the works; Rumors that D&D is actually the first of a trilogy; David Warner and Kris Kristofferson joins the Apes cast; Adrian Paul to star in new sci-fi series; and Alfred Bester’s Demolished Man in development as a movie.

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BBC Plans Dr. Who Movies

by on Dec.08, 2000, under Movies

djryan writes Sci-Fi Weekly reports that the BBC is planning a series of feature films based on its long-running Dr. Who television series. The proposed Who movies are part of BBC director general Greg Dyke’s plans to involve the network in full-scale film production.

The BBC plans a movie version of Dr. Who, the SF series that first aired on the BBC in 1963, as well as sequels.”

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