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Why you can’t connect…

by on Jan.10, 2001, under General News

Before all the comments come in saying “Boy, this site sucks – I can never connect…”, believe me, I’m as frustrated as you.

Right now, we get out service for free. So, I can’t really complain about the service. If/when I can generate enough income from the site (or pick up a major sponsor…please…), then I’ll get a real connection. Until then, just keep trying. And if we are to get anywhere, we need hits! We need discussions! Where is everyone???

Want to help out? Hop on over to the
Babylon 5 Store (link at the left as well) and buy something, anything, whatever. You don’t have to buy B5 merchandise – follow the links and order anything you want, and we’ll get a cut. I hope to bring more such stores online – my first target is a Niven store (in conjunction with a Known Space Encyclopedia, but if you know how long it took to create the B5 Encyclopedia, you’ll know when it will be done… :^)

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