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Babylon 5 Returns?

by on Jan.22, 2001, under Television

djryan writes “Another interesting rumour this time from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Click Read More for more information. I’ve had a feeling Joe was up to something, but he wouldn’t fess up. Remember, treat this as a rumor and don’t bug him about it. I know he hates it when news gets out too early…perhaps we’ll here an “eek” out of him soon…

djryan writes “Another interesting rumour this time from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Sci Fi Channel has acquired the new original series “News From the Edge,” an NBC cast-off that combines elements of “Men in Black” and “The X-Files” (sort of like UPN’s upcoming “Special Unit 2”). It will air this summer.

But a more intriguing announcement from Sci Fi Channel general manager Bonnie Hammer concerned a new project she’s developing with “Babylon 5” executive producers J. Michael Straczynski and Douglas Netter. Hammer said nothing is final, but the parties are having discussions.

“We’re talking about a lot of things, and the thing we’re focusing on most … is exclusive ‘Babylon 5’ movie for Sci-Fi, a new one,” Hammer said. “That’s one of the things. Everything is open for conversation. We love that creative team. Take a look at how ‘Babylon 5’ is doing on Sci Fi in its gazillionth repeats — it’s doing amazingly well.”

Hammer said she’s also thinking about picking up rerun rights to “Crusade,” Straczynski’s “B5” spinoff that was aborted by TNT. (Straczynski also is developing a new series for Showtime.)

It’s almost too much to hope for. Lets hope this won’t be as jinxed as Crusade.”

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