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Could Roddenberry’s Genesis II make it on third try?

by on Feb.12, 2001, under Television

Gene Roddenberry’s Genesis II TV movie, about a scientist in cryogenic suspension awakening over 150 years later and finds the world is now primitive after a cataclysmic war and starred Alex Cord, was a pilot for a series – it didn’t make it. He resurrected it a year later with Planet Earth, kind of a second episode with John Saxon replacing Cord. It still didn’t get picked up (although the premise was good). Now, it may get a third try…

Majel Barrett Roddenberry recently told
Cinescape that she may revisit the series after Gene Roddenberry’s Starship, and environmentally-oriented animated series in development.

Now that I think of it, isn’t Andromeda a reworked version of Genesis II? The main character’s name was – ta da – Dylan Hunt…

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