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2001 Sci-Fi Storm Movie Awards Nominations Open

by on Feb.13, 2001, under Features

OK, now its time for the Internet-at-large to pick its own awards. Nominations are now open for the following awards: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Special Effects, Cheesiest Effects, Biggest Disappointment, and Great Maker Forgive Us. In addition, one All-Time award will be given this year. This time, it will be the Desert Asteroid award, the genre movie that you’d most like to take with you…

Read below on how to send in your nominations. Nominations will close on January 24th, and voting will begin February 1st.

Update 2/20: Sorry, but the awards are cancelled due to lack of interest…

Each of you may nominate up to 5 movies/actors/actresses for each award. To do so, send e-mail to stormies2000 @, with a subject of the name of the award, and in the body list the nominees. (We will not retain or sell your e-mail address – in fact, we won’t even respond. If I have time, I’ll create a web page for it.) Alternately, reply to this article online and list your nominations.

In the case of actors and actresses, include the movie in which they appeared. Please send a separate e-mail for each award. Please do not nominate more than 5 – you can nominate less, if you feel there weren’t enough candidates worth of the honor…

The movies must fall under the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy and must have had a U.S. opening date between January 1 and December 31, 2000 (except for the All-Time award). Sci-Fi Storm is the final arbiter of what is and isn’t a member of the genre. Example qualifying movies would be (and this is by no means meant to imply they are or should be nominated): X-Men, Mission to Mars, Red Planet, Pitch Black, Dungeons and Dragons, Highlander: Endgame. Does The Grinch qualify? I haven’t decided that one yet… :^)

A more detailed description of the awards:

  • Best Picture: The movie that best represented the genre and itself had a good storyline and characters.
  • Best Actor/Actress: The Actor/Actress who put forth the best performance.
  • Best Special Effects: The movie that had the highest-quality and believable effects (be they CGI, stop-motion, whatever).
  • Cheesiest Effects: Just the opposite – the effects that looked really hokey.
  • Biggest Disappointment: The movie that got your expectations up so high only to slam them into an asteroid. Not necessarily a bad movie, just didn’t live up to its ads.
  • Great Maker Forgive Us: The movie you wish you never saw, and wish to apologize publically to all the Extra-Terrestrials watching our transmissions for subjecting them to. Basically, you’d like to take every copy of the movie and send it into a black hole, and then cut off your hands for even touching them.

  • Desert Asteroid: This is the genre movie you’d most like to take with you (on DVD of course) if you could only take 1, and spend the rest of your days with only a DVD player, video screen, and some Cheesy-Spoo.

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