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Old shows and useless SF trivia Part 1

by on Mar.22, 2001, under General News

OK, I’m hitting random stuff on IMDb, and managed to stumble across a number of things from my childhood. Anyone remember these?

How about Ark II (1976), about some young (read: teen) scientists running around a devastated Earth in the truck from Damnation Alley. Interestingly, Pamelyn Ferdin is credited in IMDb for it, although I’m not so sure. She, however, did appear in Space Academy (1977), about some young space cadets on an asteroid-based station. Interestingly, the ships (called Seekers) bore a resemblance to the truck in Ark II. It also featured Jonathan Harris (Dr. Zachary Smith of Lost in Space) and Brian Tochi (Takashi from the Revenge of the Nerds movies and Nogata from some of the Police Academy movies). Interestingly, both Pamelyn Ferdin (who often guest starred on various series) and Brian both made a guest appearance on the Star Trek episode, “And the Children Shall Lead”.

Anybody remember the followup series, Jason of Star Command (1979), which took place on the same asteroid and may have even had the same sets, with James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) as the commander in the first season? I think he got replaced by a guy in blue makeup…

How about the short-lived Quark (1979), a spoof about an interstellar garbage truck with a crew consisting of a half-male, half female; a human-like plant (an ancestor of Zhaan of Farscape) named Fiscus, and two female clones, both named Betty, who argue over which was cloned from the other? I like how IMdb says “If you liked this title…” and lists Star Wars. Yeah, they were the same… :^)

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