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It’s official: Paramount confirms Enterprise

by on May.18, 2001, under Television

The BBC seems to be confirming in an article on their web site that Scott Bakula will helm Star Trek: Enterprise. Read More for some other details.

Update: Paramount is now confirming the same information.

Update 5/18: UPN, which has picked up the series, has given more details.

The BBC didn’t cite a source (so it could just be the long-quoted rumor), but state that Bakula will play Jeffrey Archer, the captain of the Enterprise, with production due to start Monday (5/14). Given how close that is, I can’t believe Paramount/UPN haven’t announced a thing officially.

No premise is given, but some other actors are. I’ve looked them up in IMDb: Jolene Blalock (Jason and the Argonauts remake); John Billingsley (Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles); Linda Park (no known credits); Anthony Montgomery (no known credits); Dominic Keating (Jungle2Jungle); and Connor Trinneer (61*).

Update 5/18: The show is a prequel, taking place about 150 years previous to the original series, and focuses on the creation of the Federation. No more touchpads and visual controls.

We also have some character names to go with the crew. Dr. Phlox, and alien, us played by John Billingsley. Lt. Cmdr. Malcolm Reed is played by Dominic Keating, Lt. Joe Mayweather by Anthony Montgomery, and Ensign Hoshi Sato by Linda Park. I also hear that the Vulcan character played by Jolene Blalock has been renamed from T’Pau to T’Pal.

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