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Doctor Who audio got 1.5 million listeners

by on Aug.30, 2001, under Audio

The BBC original Doctor Who audio drama, “Death Comes to Time” (that we reported earlier) got 1.5 million hits in only 3 days, according to SFX magazine (can’t find their site online anymore – info via Sci Fi Wire). Maybe they’ll actually finish the story…

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American Gothic DVD Petition

by on Aug.30, 2001, under General News

Chris Berni writes “An international group of fans has started an online petition to speed up the release of 1995/96 TV series “American Gothic” on DVD. Read More for the complete details…

(continue reading…)

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Ben Bova’s first Asteroid War book due soon

by on Aug.30, 2001, under General News

Ben Bova confirmed with Sci Fi Wire that he’ll be writing three more Grand Tour novels, and also that [asin=0312848765]Precipice[/asin], the first book in his new Asteroid War series, and [asin=1570717850]The Story of Light[/asin], a nonfiction book about light’s influence on religion and other parts of our lives, both are due out next month.

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Second Farscape convention this weekend

by on Aug.30, 2001, under Conventions

The whole cast plus producers Brian Henson and David Kemper are expected to appear this weekend at the second annual Farscape convention, which is being held at the Airport Hilton in Burbank, CA September 1-3 (that’s this weekend…). The event is being staged by Creation Entertainment…follow the link for more details.

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Yet another Highlander???

by on Aug.29, 2001, under Movies

I haven’t seen Highlander: Endgame yet (it hasn’t crossed my TiVo that I noticed), but given that it only grossed $13 million, does ANYONE think a 5th movie (entitled Highlander: The Source and set to star Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod) is a good idea? The only upbeat news is Russell Mulcahy, the director of the original, is supposed to direct. Then again, he also directed the comical Highlander II: The Quickening.

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A bizarre crossover in the works?

by on Aug.28, 2001, under Television

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting a rumor that there may be a crossover between Enterprise and Roswell (both UPN shows since the latter was claimed of WB waivers) – sort of. Seems Roswell character Max (Jason Evans) will audition to play an alien on Enterprise at the Paramount Pictures lot. Jonathan Frakes (Commander William Riker from ST:TNG) will play the director – he also will reported by directing this Roswell episode, and he is currently the executive producer. Take it with a grain of quadro-triticale though…

Update 8/30: Jonathan Frakes has confirmed this will happen on Zap2It

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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Number 1 at Amazon

by on Aug.28, 2001, under General News

I don’t think I ever mentioned that the DVD for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is due out on October 16th (probably because it was already on every blasted web site in existence), and Amazon lists the sales rank as #1. Maybe some of you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, but you can do so now over at [asin=B00003CX5P][/asin] and support us at the same time…

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Aaliyah dies in plane crash

by on Aug.27, 2001, under General News

It’s been all over the place, but for the sake of completeness: Aaliyah, the R&B artist who was to appear next to Keanu Reaves in the Matrix sequels, died Saturday when the plan she was on returning from the Bahamas crashed. It is still under investigation…

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Some Enterprise tidbits

by on Aug.24, 2001, under Television

A couple of tidbits from various sources about the upcoming Enterprise: Jolene Blalock, who will be playing the Vulcan T’Pol, nearly turned down the job – in fact, she passed on the script three times without even reading it. She’s glad she changed her mind…and several crew members will be joining. Jeffrey Combs, best known as the various Weyoun clones on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is joining as an unnamed Andorian, along with Steven Dennis, frequent bit actor on Star Trek: Voyager, will play another Andorian named Thalos. A third character, a nurse named Nancy Struthers, will be added as well, but no actress has been named.

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Film Festival in London

by on Aug.24, 2001, under Conventions

Louis Savy writes “Hi

I would like to introduce our film festival, taking place in Soho in Feb 2002. It is a sci-fi and fantasy festival, we believe the first in London, and we are also running a short film competition.

The website has now gone live and we are looking for official partners and sponsors to help make the event memorable.

I would welcome contact from filmakers and possible sponsors so we can discuss common areas and opportunities.

Louis Savy
Festival Director
07971 578 035″

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