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A bizarre crossover in the works?

by on Aug.28, 2001, under Television

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting a rumor that there may be a crossover between Enterprise and Roswell (both UPN shows since the latter was claimed of WB waivers) – sort of. Seems Roswell character Max (Jason Evans) will audition to play an alien on Enterprise at the Paramount Pictures lot. Jonathan Frakes (Commander William Riker from ST:TNG) will play the director – he also will reported by directing this Roswell episode, and he is currently the executive producer. Take it with a grain of quadro-triticale though…

Update 8/30: Jonathan Frakes has confirmed this will happen on Zap2It

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  • dugh

    bakula won’t play a part

    i read here that bakula doesn’t want to play the crossover game.

    personally i don’t think they should do it. it’s one thing to have a show that easily suspends belief (like strek) but roswell is too much for me. aliens on earth… call me skeptic.