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Yet another Highlander???

by on Aug.29, 2001, under Movies

I haven’t seen Highlander: Endgame yet (it hasn’t crossed my TiVo that I noticed), but given that it only grossed $13 million, does ANYONE think a 5th movie (entitled Highlander: The Source and set to star Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod) is a good idea? The only upbeat news is Russell Mulcahy, the director of the original, is supposed to direct. Then again, he also directed the comical Highlander II: The Quickening.

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  • Anonymous Coward


    You need to cite some sources or something in your news postings. Sometimes I want to read more about it or find out where you got the info from, but I can’t since you don’t have any links a lot of the time (current 4 of your front page stories have no apparent source links). Please starting linking to your sources. I think it would make a lot of people happy (me included :-). It would also allow me to simply check here to get up to date on my scifi news and not have to hunt around other scifi sites just to find out more details on a given news tidbit.

  • Doc


    I not sure where you get the “current 4” from…i DO cite my sources, usually. If it comes from all over the place (like I’m the LAST to report it – such as with Aaliyeh’s death) I’m not going to cite dozens of locations. This particular note came from Movie Hole via Sci-Fi Wire – as least THEY cite Movie Hole – if they are talking, I can’t find it. I admit I forgot to cite this one. I am usually in a rush lately, and putting in the links can be difficult.

  • Dave


    No, it hasn’t crossed your TiVo yet, and it may be a while. It was just on cable pay-per-view about two months ago; the usual lag between theatrical release and first premium-cable (HBO, Showtime, whatever) showing is (at least) a year.

    Assuming anyone out there actually bought the rights to it, that is. (I honestly don’t know if that happened, but given such a lackluster box office response, I doubt there was a big bidding war.)

    At any rate, you’re not missing that much. I saw it the weekend it came out (early last October, IIRC), and it was a smidge disappointing. The ending reeked, and the “alternate ending” on the DVD was even worse.

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