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Enterprise debuts tonight

by on Sep.26, 2001, under Television

Don’t forget: Enterprise debuts tonight at 8PM EDT/7PM CDT on you local UPN station with a two-hour premiere. I wonder how many times my local station will pre-empt it for Bruins hockey this year…

More: The official StarTrek.Com site has a launch site for Enterprise, and Vidiot, a.k.a. Mr. Video, who has been documenting Trek on the Internet for as long as I can remember (starting with the Postscript The Next Generation episode guide) has what is to be the opening and closing credits on his website.

Feel free to drop some reviews here…but please, mark them with spoiler warnings…

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  • Anonymous Coward


    Why did the words of the Klingon have to be translated into English so the crew could understand them, but when the crew got to Rigel 10, the aliens, including the alien pimp and Sarin, could talk to the crew in what sounded like English? I don’t think them aliens ever got to Earth by the time of this episoder. How’d they learn to talk human?

  • dugh


    t’pol give the humans a mobile translator which they use to understand the aliens. it’s not clear how communication with the suliban was possible; i guess they know english… how convenient. star trek has almost always glossed over language impediments (with the exception of the TNG episode about darmok and jilad at tinagra…). hopefully they will make space a bit more mysterious (which language barriers would help establish) instead of just hostile.

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