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Knight Rider to return – again

by on Oct.29, 2001, under Television

He can’t leave well enough alone, apparently. David Hasselhoff told SCI FI Wire that Michael Knight may return. Seems he’s in negotiations with a major studio to produce (the tentatively titled) Super Knight Rider 3000. Apparently 1991’s Knight Rider 2000, 1994’s Action Pack-packaged Knight Rider 2010, and 1997’s Team Knight Rider didn’t kill it off. And get the start of the plot summary on IMDB: “Michael Knight comes out of retirement after being frozen, because he was injected with a fatal poison…”

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  • Anonymous Coward

    This is SO cool!

    It’s been a while since we’ve had GOOD TV shows around, anyway. How come it’s been four years without our beloved car? I think they should clone Hasselhoff, so we could have different Knight Rider series at the same time (in prime time, one each day, of course!). Then they could do cool two-parters, with crossovers between them (for example, the tuesday show and the wednesday one). Then again, the could make an extra clone and revive BayWatch, too! Wouldn’t that rule?

    Waitaminute… I just got it: FEMALE Knight Rider with Pamela Anderson. Cars and tits!!!

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