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Andromeda to be dumbed down?

by on Nov.26, 2001, under Television

I heard a rumor somwhere (probably on UseNet) that Andromeda was being reworked in a story sense to get rid of arc-like plot lines, because of the difficulty of a viewer joining in in the middle of a series (where have I heard that before?). Now it seems it’s true: Co-creator Robert Hewitt Wolfe announced on SlipStreamNews that he is no longer an Executive Producer, due to pressures from Tribune entertainment and Fireworks (and even star and fellow EP Kevin Sorbo) to make it more episodic. Less internal conflict, more Sorbo. Another win for the Neilsen family…

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The Little Sci-Fi Forum that Could!

by on Nov.26, 2001, under General News

PsiProne writes “I just wanted to plug my sci-fi message board. Hope no one minds! My message board is called The Sci-Fi Alliance. It has sci-fi topics ranging from Babylon 5 to X-Files. It also has a “HomeWorlds” section where members can create an area for themselves. One called Federation Outpost is basically a log done by one of the members based on fictional Star Trek missions they go on. It also has…” Read More for the full details of The Sci-Fi Alliance

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