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Roswell ending?

by on Jan.29, 2002, under Television

According to, UPN apparently has cancelled Roswell, and has cut two shows off the current season, dropping it to 18 episodes. Apparently the cast has been told, but no official announcement has been made yet.

Updated 1/30:, and now its retracted

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Goldmember won’t be in Austin Powers 3

by on Jan.29, 2002, under Movies

…at least in the title. Variety is reporting that the MPAA has ruled that Austin Powers in Goldmember is “inadmissible” after MGM/UA complained that it is an unauthorized parody of the James Bond franchise. Apparently The Spy Who Shagged Me was fine…

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Tunnel vs. Tunnel?

by on Jan.26, 2002, under Television

There’s a storm brewing in the eddies of spacetime. Seems that not only has Fox is developing a new Time Tunnel series based on the original by Irwin Allen, but ABC, where the original aired, is also developing a series based on the 1964 book by William Jenkins, and both seem ready to go to court. At issue is whether the original series was truely based on the book, which would mean 20th Century Fox’s rights (they produced the original series) would have expired.

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Man-Kzin Wars IX out in hardcover

by on Jan.26, 2002, under Books

I can’t believe this fell under my radar. Just as I thought I was getting close to completing the Encyclopedia of Known Space, Known Space just got larger. Man-Kzin Wars IX has been released in hardcover, with 4 new stories from Poul Anderson (his last published story), Hal Colebatch, Paul Chafe, and Larry Niven himself. I though all I had left was VIII, and then some mop-up of missing stories. If anyone has a copy of MKW IV they are willing to sell (reasonably!), let me know. Head on over to the Bookstore of Known Space to see other titles.

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Enid-Raye Adams interview at UGO

by on Jan.25, 2002, under Television

I got e-mail from Eric Excstein, Editorin-Chief of UnderGround Online, about an interview with Enid-Raye Adams, who played Firell in Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. Read More for the e-mail, or just follow the links…

(continue reading…)

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Quantum Leap rumor mill heating up again

by on Jan.24, 2002, under Television

Perhaps there is life after the final leap after all. The Sy Fy Portal web site is reporting that Universal is showing an interest in a two-hour telefilm. Apparently Scott Bacuka’s return to the spotlight as Captain Archer in Enterprise has something to do with it, and his Golden Globe nomination I’m sure didn’t hurt…

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Jeremiah starts March 3rd; new show Odyssey 5

by on Jan.23, 2002, under Television

The Comics Continuum is reporting that Jeremiah will debut on Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm on Showtime with a two-hour movie, and then it will appear regularly on Fridays at 10:45pm, placing it after Stargate SG-1, at least until that show transfers to the SCI FI Channel this summer. In the meantime, Showtime also announced that it has ordered a full season of Odyssey 5, about a shuttle crew who sees a cataclysmic event on Earth but are able to return 5 years in the past and try to stop it from happening. It will star Peter Weller (Buckaroo Banzai) and Sebastian Roche (Merlin).

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Andromeda renewed for two more seasons

by on Jan.23, 2002, under Television

The Hollywood Reporter (via Test Pattern) reports that Tribune and Fireworks Entertainment have given the green light to seasons 3 and 4 of Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda after resigning stations in 78% of domestic markets.

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Little bits of news

by on Jan.23, 2002, under General News

Been a busy day, so here are some highlights: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
gives her take on the viability of Rollerball; Spielberg told Fox News that a fourth Indiana Jones movie will happen, and his wife Kate Capshaw will appear in it; Duchovny may return for the finale of The X-Files; and the Chicago Sun Times reports that Star Trek: Nemesis will tentatively debut on November 22nd – right after Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and right before The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

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Sci-Fi TV Store updates

by on Jan.20, 2002, under General News

Just to let you know of a couple of updates in the Sci-Fi TV Store. The first season set of Star Trek: The Next Generation is now listed for pre-orders (tentatively due March 26th), as are the next two Doctor Who DVDs (tentatively due April 2nd): Caves of Androzani (Peter Davison’s last appearance as the 5th Doctor) and Rememberance of the Daleks (Sylvester McCoy with the last appearance of the Daleks).

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