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Enid-Raye Adams interview at UGO

by on Jan.25, 2002, under Television

I got e-mail from Eric Excstein, Editorin-Chief of UnderGround Online, about an interview with Enid-Raye Adams, who played Firell in Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. Read More for the e-mail, or just follow the links…

We’ll be the first to admit we made fun of Babylon 5 when the show first
aired. On a quick glance, it could be described as a ripoff of Star Trek,
but once you dig deeper, you’ll uncover a complexity that far outshines any
other science fiction show. J. Michael Straczynski has fashioned a universe
that is, to us, infinitely more real than any of Roddenberry’s creations,
and has spawned a rabid following.

Now, the Sci-Fi Channel has launched Legend of the Rangers, the first in
what we hope are either A) more Babylon 5 movies or B) a new Babylon 5
series. The movie, set after the wars, deals with an elite peacekeeping
force, the Rangers. One such ranger is a Minbari named Firell, played by
Enid-Raye Adams and if you think she’s cute with her head shaved, check her
out on her home site.

In any case, we tracked Enid-Raye down during the holidays and peppered her
with questions, which she gladly and humorously answered.

If this fits in with your site or readers, we’d appreciate the link.


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