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Childhood’s End to get big screen treatment?

by on Feb.01, 2002, under Movies

The Hollywood Reporter (via SCI FI Wire) is saying that Kimberly Peirce, who wrote and directed 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry, is in talks to direct an adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s 1953 novel, Childhood’s End. Hmmm…giant spaceships appear over every major city…sounds familiar (stop there – I’m NOT dissing Clarke… :^) I’m still waiting for an update to the Rendezvous With Rama project. Haven’t read the book? [asin=0345347951]Order it from[/asin].

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  • Anonymous Coward

    Has potential….

    To my mind, Childhood’s End one of the better Clarke novels and

    could make an excellent film.

    However, it is also a novel that could be easily crucified. I

    wonder how tempted the director will be to reveal the overlords

    in the first reel, for example?

    I have hopes, but I suspect that this will be yet another

    SF/Fantasy film that bears little resemblance to the source


  • Anonymous Coward

    Re:Has potential….

    I’d be worried less about the first reel and more about the _previews_

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