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Joe’s Comics to end?

by on Mar.08, 2002, under Comics

Just got wind of this – JMS’s own comic brand, Joe’s Comics, which publishes through Top Cow, is apparently coming to an end. This would happen with the last issues of Rising Stars (#24) and Midnight Nation (#12). Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it may be for JMS to spend more time in the Marvel Universe, as well as other projects such as Jeremiah.

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Children of Dune recasting?

by on Mar.08, 2002, under Television

The MSN board The Landsraad has a notice (picked up on by AICN) that James Watson, who played Duncan Idaho in the Dune miniseries, is being recast…but I have my doubts as to the authenticity. In a letter claiming to be from Mr. Watson himself, it states that “The new head of the Scifi Channel has decided that he wants an American actor to continue in the role.” As far as I know, Bonnie Hammer is still in charge, and still female. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, or she didn’t order it. At least James got more screen time Richard Jordan’s “cameo” appearance in the David Lynch/”Alan Smithee” 1984 production.

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Get your Star Wars guitar

by on Mar.08, 2002, under General News

Caught this on Slashdot: Fernandes Guitars has an official license and is producing Star Wars Retrorocket and Nomad guitars, along with accessories. These look really cool, and the Retrorockets apparently use a computer controlled painting process.

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Jeremiah repeat Friday

by on Mar.08, 2002, under Television

I didn’t realize it until JMS himself pointed it out in, but Showtime is releating the Jeremiah premiere, “The Long Road”, Friday (3/8) at 10:45pm during its permanent time slot, after Stargate SG-1. And don’t forget – Friday starts the new SG-1 episodes…

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A request

by on Mar.08, 2002, under General News

OK, it’s around that time when I start to question whether all the effort is worth it. Precious few stories have been submitted to me, making me scour the web for stories – usually as just a regurgitation of SCI FI Wire and Coming Attractions, and anything else I hear about the shows I personally watch, which takes time I seem to have less and less to spend. I can turn around stories that are submitted faster than I can type them in myself, if a few of you are willing to do some of the work. Although readership is slowly going up, it isn’t going up very fast, and in fact has dropped a little last month. So, leave some feedback, and SUBMIT THOSE STORIES!!!!

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Bits o’news

by on Mar.08, 2002, under General News

Nothing Mars-shattering, but: Mike Myers has been confirmed to play The Cat in the Hat; 10 minutes of Episode II footage at ShoWest shows Yoda kickin’ butt; Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show) joins George Clooney on the Soderbergh/Cameron production of Solaris; and Edward Burns (15 Minutes) is in talks to star in the adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder. Scoops thanks to Coming Attractions.

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