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A request

by on Mar.08, 2002, under General News

OK, it’s around that time when I start to question whether all the effort is worth it. Precious few stories have been submitted to me, making me scour the web for stories – usually as just a regurgitation of SCI FI Wire and Coming Attractions, and anything else I hear about the shows I personally watch, which takes time I seem to have less and less to spend. I can turn around stories that are submitted faster than I can type them in myself, if a few of you are willing to do some of the work. Although readership is slowly going up, it isn’t going up very fast, and in fact has dropped a little last month. So, leave some feedback, and SUBMIT THOSE STORIES!!!!

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  • dugh


    what sort of articles are you looking for exactly? aside from the scifi/fantasy angle, are you looking for *anything* scifi? books? movies? TV? gossip? real life developments that imitate or were influenced by scifi? reviews? current space news?

    i’d be interested in helping because i come here every couple days, but sometimes i’m not sure what would be appropriate…

    • Doc


      You can submit anything – it can at worst be turned down… :^)

      Gossip and rumors should probably kept to a minimum. Reviews would be awesome, particular for recent releases. Published material, TV, and movies are all acceptable forms. Science “Reality”, as it pertains to SF, is also acceptable.