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TNN will have TNG marathon of viewers choices

by on Mar.12, 2002, under Television

TNN is yet again planning a Star Trek: The Next Generation mini-marathon on April 14th from 2-7pm. Viewers will be able to vote for 5 best episodes on the TNN Online Website, starting April 1st through the 6th. In addition, there will be a sweepstakes starting at the same time to win a trip for two to Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Picard’s uniform from Star Trek: Nemesis, and a copy of the new Star Trek: Bridge Commander game.

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  • Anonymous Coward


    Fun as a Trek marathon is, I can’t be the only one who thinks that the stupid bar TNN leaves across the bottom of the screen is distracting. I mean, I could deal with missing screen, but they just screw up the aspect ratio. Unwatchable.

    • Anonymous Coward


      Honestly, it’s not so bad. To call it “unwatchable” is a bit harsh. Sometimes distracting and, yes, it does screw up the aspect ratio a bit but it’s no worse than many other little tricks that a lot of channels use. *shrug*

      Hell, it’s better than my girlfriend stating that she hates how much of the movie screen is missing with “those annoying black bars they put in there! Why do they do that anyways?” and forcing me to explain widescreen for the third time. *8)

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