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Stargate SG-1 spinoffs in the pipeline?

by on Apr.30, 2002, under Television

It appears there are not one, but two spinoffs in the pipeline for Stargate SG-1, if Gateworld is to be believed. Seems there is noth an animated series called Stargate: Infinity aimed at Fox Network’s Saturday morning lineup, as well as a potential live series called Stargate: Atlantis. There is some debate as to whether there might in fact be just one series, and people are confused into thinking there are two. And this is the first I’ve heard that the upcoming sixth season airing on SCI FI is in fact the last…

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Nebula Awards 2002

by on Apr.29, 2002, under General News

merigold writes “Catherine Asaro wins the 2002 Nebula for best novel; check out the rest of the awards for the best science fiction of the year, given out by the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) association. Or read excerpts from the nominees and decide if you agree on the decisions. Many of the short story nominees are online in their entirety.”

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Crusher cut from Nemesis?

by on Apr.25, 2002, under Movies

Rumors are swirling around the ‘net – and even Wil Wheaton himself has mentioned it – that his cameo as Wesley Crusher at the beginning of Star Trek: Nemesis has been cut from the film. Wil does say that “it’s too early to know if I’m out or not, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to cut my scene,” but who knows? Don’t put anything past Hollyweird. Oh – and Wil is involved in this mysterious G4 Network.

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A “science fiction” tax???

by on Apr.25, 2002, under General News

Yeah, this’ll get him elected. Michael Williams, a candidate for the 5th congressional seat in Alabama, has proposed a tax on science fiction literature to help fund NASA. Also included: “space, space-related and science fiction toys, puzzles and games”. What’s next? Taxing mystery novels to fund police departments?

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JMS Spiderman extension?

by on Apr.23, 2002, under Comics

djryan writes Marvel Comics is expected to announce an exclusive deal with J. Michael Straczynski on Wednesday. Rumours have it that JMS will be writing a new ongoing Spiderman title later in the year with John Romita Jr.” There is also talk of a Kevin Smith deal, where the director/writer will take over Amazing Spider-Man when JMS moves to his own title.

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Upcoming Disney/Pixar movies announced

by on Apr.22, 2002, under Movies

Disney/Pixar have announced their upcoming films for the next three years: Finding Nemo, released in 2003, about father and son fish who get separated; The Incredibles, 2004, about a family of superheroes; and Cars, 2005, about a variety of autos travelling on Route 66.

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Jeremiah will air at 10:30pm; no Stargate SG-1 this Friday

by on Apr.18, 2002, under Television

Just a reminder – this Friday (4/19), Jeremiah will air 15 minutes early (10:30PM EDT) and there will be no Stargate SG-1 episode. Both will resume normal schedule next week.

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Rising Stars #18 and Joe’s Comics

by on Apr.18, 2002, under General News

djryan writes “After what seems like an interminable wait, the latest issue of Rising Stars (Number 18) is out.

Amazing Spiderman #40 and Midnight Nation #11 are listed as going on sale on April 24th, though this could slip if past experience is anything to go by.”

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Damon Knight has died

by on Apr.17, 2002, under General News

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