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Sci-Fi Storm vacation

by on Jun.27, 2002, under General News

Well, I’m off on vacation starting tonight, and won’t return until at least next weekend, so barring any earth-shattering news by this afternoon, don’t expect any updates…

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Star Trek: Nemesis trailer on TV tonight

by on Jun.26, 2002, under Movies

The trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis can be seen on TV tonight (Wed 6/26) on Entertainment Tonight. Expect it on the official web site sometime thereafter.

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Dr. Jackson will make appearance on SG-1

by on Jun.25, 2002, under Television

Seems Michael Shanks may return after all – at least for a bit. Seems that producer Brad Wright said in a chat on that they have a couple of stories involving Shanks departed character or Dr. Daniel Jackson, including the season finale, and hope that Michael Shanks will want to make both of them. He also let slip that we will also see Ronnie Cox and John De Lancie back, and even Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap) will guest this season.

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Odyssey 5 premiere – repeat Sunday 6/23 11:45pm

by on Jun.22, 2002, under Television

Shame on me…I forgot to point out the premiere of Odyssey 5 was last night. I forgot myself until I flipped to Showtime. No fear…it repeats 11:45pm tomorrow (Sunday 6/23) night.

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Slow week

by on Jun.21, 2002, under General News

So, nothing really earth-shattering happening this week it seems. Buffy may get an eighth season; Doom 3 by id Software took home lots of awards at E3 – even though it is probably still a year away; and despite lackluster reviews but a strong opening weekend, sequel to Scoopy Doo has been fast-tracked at Warner Brothers.

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X2 starts production

by on Jun.18, 2002, under Movies

X2 has begun production up north, according to the Victoria Times Colonist, and Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity, Braveheart) is set to star as the chief villian, Stryker, although the latter is being denied over at Coming Attractions. Also announced newcomers: Alan Cumming (Spy Kids) as Nightcrawler; Aaron Stanford (Third Watch) as Pyro; and Kelly Hu (The Scorpion King) as Anne, Stryker’s assistant.

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Lucifer’s Hammer, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

by on Jun.18, 2002, under Books

Most of you have seen Armageddon – and probably a few of you like me scoffed at the realism. You’ve probably seen Deep Impact with a somewhat more realistic portrayal. Well, neither hold a candle to Lucifer’s Hammer, probably the most realistic portrayal of any “big rock hits Earth” movie. Read More.

(continue reading…)

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Several sequels on the horizon?

by on Jun.14, 2002, under Movies

SCI FI Wire ran a number of articles today revolving around several proposed sequels. The events of Sept. 11th have inspired Devlin and Emmerich to come up with ideas for a sequel to Independence Day (a.k.a. ID4), for which they never intended a sequel; Spielberg, despite saying earlier in the week that he isn’t interested in doing any more sequels, says he’s eager to do a Jurassic Park IV; and Tim Allen is up for doing a Toy Story 3, if a “corporate and business thing” can be worked out…

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Encyclopedia of Known Space finished – for now

by on Jun.14, 2002, under General News

I’ve finally put the last of the data into my Encyclopedia of Known Space, which indexes the people, places, and things found in Larry Niven’s Known Space universe. Stop by and check it out. Of course, I’ll be back to work on it once the still-planned Ringworld’s Child or Man-Kzin Wars X is published…

Update 6/16: Just got the following in e-mail: “Brian’s Known Space Encyclopedia is absolutely wonderful. I’ve moved it to
my “Favorites” list. Larry Niven”

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Saturn Award winners

by on Jun.11, 2002, under General News

The 2002 Saturn Awards were just given out – Cinescape is running the details. Quickie recap on the film side: A.I. got Best SF Film and Best Writing for Spielberg, and Haley Joel Osment got Brest Younger Actor; Best Actor went to Tom Cruise for Vanilla Sky, while his ex Nicole Kidman got best actress for The Others; Best Director went to Peter Jackson for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, which also won Best Fantasy Film and Best Supporting Actor thanks to Ian McKellan. On the TV side: Buffy for Best Network Series; Farscape for Best Syndicated/Cable series; Ben Browder (Farscape) and Yancy Butler (Witchblade) got Best Actor/Actress, and Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) and Jolene Blalock (Enterprise) for Supporting roles.

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