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Top 5 Cancelled Shows

by on Jun.11, 2002, under Television

dugh daren writes Revolution Science Fiction has an article covering thier list of the top five cancelled speculative fiction shows. I was pretty happy to see Space: Above and Beyond there!”

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Babylon 5 DVD Season 1 Box Set due sometime in the Fall

by on Jun.10, 2002, under General News

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. In a posting on, a person for the National Captioning Institute was looking for references for spelling to be used in the forthcoming DVDs. JMS has since piped up and announced that it’s for real, and due sometime in the Fall, and will have extra goodies and even some commentaries by JMS (at least two, depending on time). Hopefully WB will make the official announcement soon so we can get pre-orders in.

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Upcoming DVD releases

by on Jun.08, 2002, under General News

Just pointing out some of the cool DVD releases coming up: June 11th brings us Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Second Season; on June 25th, Set 7 and Set 8 of Space: 1999 (which completes the series) and Farscape Season 2 Volume 1 (now a two disk set with 4 episodes); on July 2nd we get Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3; and on July 9th a new Farscape: Best of Season 1 collection of 6 episodes. Head on over to the Sci-Fi TV Store to pre-order from, and order other cool videos.

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Stargate SG-1, Farscape premieres tonight

by on Jun.08, 2002, under Television

Thank god for TiVo – the season premieres for for Stargate SG-1 (its sixth) and Farscape (its fourth) premiere tonight starting at 9pm on the SCI FI Channel; add in the freshman Jeremiah on Showtime, and its one busy night for the SF fan…

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Titans remake; Rising Stars writers named

by on Jun.04, 2002, under Movies

Two items of note today: Variety reported that a remake of Clash of the Titans is being penned by John Glenn and Travis Wright (Red World); and brothers Anthony and Joe Russo
(Welcome to Collinwood) have been named to write the screenplay adpatation of J. Michael Straczynski’s Top Cow comic Rising Stars.

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Donate your brain to science

by on Jun.04, 2002, under Science

Concerned Scientist writes “It’s not science fiction any more, scientists can take advantage
of your spare BRAIN power over the internet to advance science. Two heads are
better than one, and in the case of online, Internet-based psychology experiments,
many thousands of heads can rapidly speed the pace of science. The
American Psychological Society
is currently sponsoring a variety of quick and easy
online experiments
that range from simple and anonymous surveys to
interactive, graphical
. Online experiments can provide an entertaining
way to spend a coffee break but can also teach you about the human brain;
each experiment provides a scientific explanation of the study once completed.
Donate your spare brain power today!”

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Help Save Dark Angel

by on Jun.04, 2002, under Television

Miss T writes “As you will probably be aware already FOX have officially cancelled James Cameron’s Dark Angel, after only 2 series.

There are many fans of the show currently emailling, writing letters and signing petitions directed to FOX to renew the show for at least one further season or to produce a TV film to finish off the story.

The below petition at the time of writing this email, currently stands at 18,684.

Help save one of the best new sci-fi shows around at the moment, by adding your name to the petition.”

Update 6/6: Use the link instead…

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SG-1 Second Season box set arrives in September

by on Jun.02, 2002, under General News

Finally, MGM is releasing the Second Season Boxed Set for Stargate SG-1!!! The first season set was excellent – I’ve been waiting for this for a long time (as I’m sure some of you have too…) Currently release date is September 3rd. Stop by our Stargate SG-1 Store and pre-order yours today!

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Thunderbirds on TechTV!

by on Jun.01, 2002, under Television

Steve Baker writes “Not content with releasing the entire 36 episodes of the 1965
British puppet series “Thunderbirds” on DVD – it appears that
Carlton have managed to get TechTV to broadcast them too.

For a kiddies program, Thunderbirds can be suprisingly good
SciFi. If you have no idea what I’m babbling about – then you
DEFINITELY need to watch out for this one.”

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