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Want to study SF at college? Try up north…

by on Aug.02, 2002, under General News

Looks like the University of Calgary might be a popular place to study the fine literature of Science Fiction. It seems a huge donation of some 35,000 volumes has been made to the University from the estate of William Gibson (not the cyberpunk author), with stuff ranging from Jules Verne, to pulp comics, to more recent works. It is believed this is one of the largest collections in the world.

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  • hossman

    I was seriously drooling…

    …when i read how big the collection was.

    “$500,000” just to inventory and restore the whole hting — holy freaking cow. I want to quit my job and go work for that University.

  • merigold

    If I thought I could get a job…

    … I’d seriously consider doing that kind of academic work. Though maybe I’d get bored with it and then where would I be, burned out on reading SF ::shivers:: that would be awful.

    When I lived in Boston I had a friend who taught SF at MIT (among other courses) so it is possible to study that at many colleges, probably.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:If I thought I could get a job…

      Here at UCF (Orlando, FL) I have taken both a scifi reading and scifi writing course.. they also used to have a “Science of Scifi” course over in the physics dept, but that prof. has since moved :(.

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