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Babylon 5 DVD set details

by on Aug.13, 2002, under General News

Warner Home Video has released the technical details of the eagerly awaited Babylon 5 Season 1 DVD Set (now at 35 on the Amazon sales rankings). Included on the 6 DVDs are digital transfers, Dolby 5.1 sound, introduction and commentary on two key episodes by JMS, two behind-the-scenes documentaries, and a “tour” of the station that includes technical data and more. JMS also says it includes an on-camera introduction by him, and one of the half-hour documentaries includes all new interviews with several key production people. He also mentions targeted release dates of April 2003 for Season 2 and November 2003 for Season 3.

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  • Anonymous Coward


    IIRC, weren’t the B5 scenes shot in widescreen format? Even if the cgi bits weren’t rendered so, widescreen live action would be awesome.


  • Doc

    Yes, it’s widescreen but…

    There is a mention of “matted widescreen”. This gives me the fear that it’s going to be the pseudo-widescreen that Sci-Fi Channel pulled off. Even though the show was shot in widescreen, they still matted out some top and bottom area.

    The CGI will be matted regardless, as it would be too expensive to rerender and recomposite.

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