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The Core trailer on the Web

by on Aug.13, 2002, under Movies

The trailer for the movie The Core has hit the web. The movie stars Aaron Eckhart (Erin Brockovich) and Hillary Swank (Insomnia) and is about a trip to the Earth’s core to prevent a global disaster precipitated by the dumping of nuclear waste.

Update 8/19: Forget the nuclear waste. Seems it is an “unknown force” that causes the Earth’s core to stop spinning, disrupting the magnetic field.

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  • Lord Strangiato

    Nuclear waste?

    Can we dispense with the “humans are evil polluters” political correctness? If Doc would have watched the trailer, it wasn’t a problem from nuclear waste, its about a natural event that will wipe out the planet, and 1000 tons of nukes (True nuclear yield of the payload not given) used to prevent this from happening.

    Just a thought.

    Lord S.

    • Doc

      Re:Nuclear waste?

      I went by a press release, not on the content of the trailer itself, which I had troube viewing at the time. I can’t help it if the press releases aren’t necessarily correct…

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