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Hugo Dramatic Presentation award to split, more WorldCon news

by on Sep.06, 2002, under General News

Locus Online (which won the Hugo for best Web Site) has additional news coming from ConJose: Glasgow will host WorldCon in 2005; the nomination breakdown for the Hugos (not even a single vote? :^( ); and the Dramatic Presentation Award is to be split into separate awards form Film and Television.

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  • jbennetto

    breakdown of actual election

    Note that the link above is just for nominations, where members can each nominate up to five candidates, and the five top vote-getters win. More interesting is the
    , conducted by Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). Although the links from that page make it seem confusing, it’s essentially a multi-round runoff vote. After each round one candidate is eliminated and the election is rerun. But rather than making people vote multiple times, voters just rank the candidates and it’s done automatically. This insures the winner is supported by a majority, and didn’t just win by splitting the opposition.

    [IRV is gaining popularity in the US; it was recently adopted for San Francisco elections.
    The multi-winner version (Choice Voting a.k.a. proportional representation, preference voting, single transferable voting) is also gaining interest; it was once for common city councils elections until people got upset about minorities and socialists getting seats. The Center for Voting and Democracy has some good links on voting systems.]

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