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Upcoming releases

by on Oct.28, 2002, under General News

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Update: SG-1 to get seventh season? Maybe not

by on Oct.27, 2002, under Television

Gateworld is reporting that exec producer N. John Smith, while at Wolf SG-5 convention in Britain, let slip that a seventh season of Stargate SG-1 is a go, although no official announcement has been made. Also mentioned is that Richard Dean Anderson iwll appear in most of the episodes, and Michael Shanks may make one or more appearances.

Update 10/29: MGM is now denying a decision has been made. However, this is standard practice until an official announcement is made jointly by the studio and the broadcaster.

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UPN orders a full season of Twilight Zone

by on Oct.25, 2002, under General News

UPN has officially ordered 9 more episodes of the new The Twilight Zone, bringing the total to 22 episodes for the season. It called it “the most successful pairing with a Star Trek series” claiming it held on to 73% of Enterprise‘s audience. For the most part, to me it seems very similar to the recent Outer Limits, but with shorter stories (generally 2 per hour). It’s generally good, but there are episodes I don’t care for. What’s your opinion?

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Court rules that BBC can officially keep the Tardis

by on Oct.24, 2002, under General News

I actually thought that the BBC had already settled this, but the BBC is reporting that it has won the rights to keep the familiar blue Police Box (a.k.a. the Tardis) as a trademark. Apparently the Metropolitan Police, which had hundreds of the boxes until the 1960s, objected to the marketing of the object by the BBC, which it has been doing since the 1970s.

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Witchblade Central

by on Oct.23, 2002, under Television

Wilhelmina Thomas writes “I have joined with Witchblade Central Station to work for a third season of Witchblade the TV series. We are unclear as to why such as an intellectually challenging, complex and thought provoking show was not renewed.

Would you take the time to look at our website and feature us in a future article.

Thank you for your time.

Wilhelmina Thomas”

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Indiana IV set to possibly start in 2004

by on Oct.23, 2002, under Movies

Dark Horizons has a bit reported from a BBC1 interview with Harrison Ford regarding the fourth Indiana Jones adventure. Both he and Spielberg have cleared their schedules in 2004 for production, and George Lucas and Frank Darabont are working on an outline script. And Ford’s age (he’ll be sixty) will be taken into account.

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More Potter books planned?

by on Oct.22, 2002, under General News

Something is afoot at Hogwarts – well, Warner Brothers. A British newspaper is reporting that WB has applied to the UK Patent(?) Office for the rights to Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat, Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light and Harry Potter and the Alchemist’s Cell. We know there were to be 7 books originally, and the 5th is titled Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This could mean that 10 books in total may be written – but not necessarily by J.K. Rowling. says the agent is denying any additional books, and none of the names would be used.

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Triple X2 threat

by on Oct.21, 2002, under Movies

SCI FI Wire today gives us a triple dose of X2 news – Bryan Singer says that all the characters will get equal screentime; Oscar winner Halle Berry’s newfound status did not affect her relationships with other cast members; and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos tell us what she’s going to do once filming wraps.

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