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Request for Reviewers

by on Oct.07, 2002, under General News

Watch a show religiously? Able to put your thoughts on paper (or online)? I’m looking to try and start some regular reviews of shows and films, if people are interested. Obviously I don’t have the time to do them all myself – I’m still trying to figure out how to watch everything I want, despite my recently-expanded TiVo. It’s hard to watch Enterprise when my two-year-old wants to watch Rolie Polie Olie

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  • evildawg


    What shows do you need reviewers for? I watch Firefly, John Doe, Haunted, Enterprise and Twilight Zone…
    I can do reviews on any or all of these just let me know.

    EvilDawg Online Gaming Community

    • Doc


      Feel free to review any that you want.

      I’m not sure of the review format, as in whether there should be some point system or such yet.

      • Optical Voodoo Man


        A point system is good. Maybe you could have some kind of scale, like:

        5) I’d tape this and watch it again many times
        4) I’d tape this and watch it again once
        3) I’d watch this again if it was on
        2) I’d watch it if I hadn’t already seen it
        1) I’d watch something else if I could go back in time

        I’d love to see some good reviews and discussions of the new Twilight Zones. Perhaps some kind of user voting on how people liked a particular show would be good as well.

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