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First pass at Review Guide

by on Oct.16, 2002, under General News

OK, Read More for a first pass at a review guide, and leave your comments. I’m looking at a 25 point system, with 0-5 points each for the following: Plot/Story, Character, Visuals, Nitpicks, Overall.

25 point system. 0-5 points each for:

Plot/Story: How good was it? Did it make sense? In the case of a segment of
a series, did it move the overall arc somewhere?

0 – We’re talking “Plan 9” here, without the unintentional comedy factor

5 – Think Babylon 5, “Severed Dreams”

Character: Was there character development? Did they feel real? Was the
acting good?

0 – A brick could have been substituted and I wouldn’t have noticed

5 – I loved him like a family member

Visuals: Breathtaking or bland? In the case of non-visual media, how well could you picture it in your mind?

0 – I could have done better with cardboard and a Super8 camera.

5 – Even ILM doesn’t get this good.

Nitpicks: OK, we all love to pick at things. How badly did you nitpick?

0 – One word. “Armageddon”.

5 – Solid. Watertight. We are talking hermitically sealed. Not even a technobabblion particle used.

Overall: Basically, how well you liked it. This isn’t an average of the
others, but a measure of your own response.

0 – I can’t believe I ever watched this [comments deleted]

5 – Wow. It will never be deleted from my TiVo.

The total will then be reflected as an average from 0-5, for which I hope to have some sort of graphic.

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  • tchansen

    review guide

    I’ll try it and see if it works well for me. Although you’ll probably only get book reviews from me since I don’t have much time to watch video/TV.

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