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UPN orders a full season of Twilight Zone

by on Oct.25, 2002, under General News

UPN has officially ordered 9 more episodes of the new The Twilight Zone, bringing the total to 22 episodes for the season. It called it “the most successful pairing with a Star Trek series” claiming it held on to 73% of Enterprise‘s audience. For the most part, to me it seems very similar to the recent Outer Limits, but with shorter stories (generally 2 per hour). It’s generally good, but there are episodes I don’t care for. What’s your opinion?

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  • dugh

    not very original

    my problem with the few episodes i’ve watched is that they don’t seem very original. true, there are only so many plots in the world, but how those plots are executed could be different, new, current. they should start looking into remaking some stories on the short story market…

    • Optical Voodoo Man

      Re:not very original

      I’ve also enjoyed the new episodes. The ones I’ve seen all looked pretty original to me, as compared to the original Zones. I can’t imagine a black and white version of the first one with the neighborhood for troubled youths or the one with Lou Diamond Phillip’s and his dream problems.

      I agree that there are a lot of new short stories out there that would be perfect for the new Zones. I hope they keep up the good work.

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