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DSL woes

by on Dec.13, 2002, under General News

Just a couple of days after I was telling someone how create my DSL line was, DirecTV announced they are shutting down DSL service. I got the service when it was Telocity – $49/month for static IP, 640 down/90 up (which they bumped to 800/160 a while back), no restrictions, no commitment, self-install. And its worked great except for a minor DNS glitch they had (which was solved by running my own…) Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do. Sci-Fi Storm is not tied to that line, but the stores are, so I will be scrambling to deal with it. I may have to go with a Dynamic IP from Verizon, since Covad doesn’t have a DSLAM here…stay tuned.

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Editorial Review of The Neutrino Effect

by on Dec.13, 2002, under Books

Jon Casper writes “EDITORIAL REVIEW
The familiar theme of alien invasion is treated in author Michael Kirshteyn?s THE NEUTRINO EFFECT with refreshing optimism and a sure-handed style. Told from the point of view of a Russian Scientist entrepreneur named Vladimir Ustinov, the story takes place in a future some seventy years from now, in which the author speculates that peace among the nations may not be such an outrageous concept.”
Read Moe for the rest…

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Children of Dune Miniseries Preview Picture Scans

by on Dec.13, 2002, under Television

BaronMoritani writes “Over 20 scans are online of the new Children of Dune miniseries teaser trailer. These pix are taken from the second teaser trailer featuring Alia! They include pictures of Alia fighting Leto II!
Details here:

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