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DSL woes

by on Dec.13, 2002, under General News

Just a couple of days after I was telling someone how create my DSL line was, DirecTV announced they are shutting down DSL service. I got the service when it was Telocity – $49/month for static IP, 640 down/90 up (which they bumped to 800/160 a while back), no restrictions, no commitment, self-install. And its worked great except for a minor DNS glitch they had (which was solved by running my own…) Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do. Sci-Fi Storm is not tied to that line, but the stores are, so I will be scrambling to deal with it. I may have to go with a Dynamic IP from Verizon, since Covad doesn’t have a DSLAM here…stay tuned.

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  • Anonymous Coward

    DSl solutions

    Also check out speakeasy. I hear they’re supposed to be as good if not better. I know that they are more oriented towards hardcore users, have relaxed server policies, and give out static IPs.

    • Doc

      Re:DSl solutions

      Ah, but uses Covad, and since Covad isn’t available…otherwise I would have had Speakeasy a long time ago…

  • Raetsel

    DSL PRoviders

    For a 6 months, I had the best internet connection I’ve ever encountered (okay, not counting commercial grade service…) — it was when I had DSL with Blarg as my ISP.

    Bridged config (no PPPoE!), unlimited transfer, 5 static IPs, the right to run servers, and DNS for two domains. It cost me $30/month, (128/768 service) not counting the circuit charge from Verizon.

    If you’re near Seattle, please check ’em out — their service rocks, they’re great to talk to, and it was the most reliable connection I ever had.

    (Too bad Verizon doesn’t offer DSL where I live now, dammit…)

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