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by on Jan.03, 2003, under General News

Ah, the wonders of IMDb. Through strange happenstance, I ended up watching The Sound of Music. Now I knew Angela Cartwright (Penny from Lost in Space) was one of the kids. Well, with a quick look in IMDb, I discovered that one of the other girls was in fact Heather Menzies, who played Jessica in the Logan’s Run TV series I mentioned previously. AND, the part of the boy Friedrich was none other than Nicholas Hammond, who played the title role in The Amazing Spider-Man TV series, and who also had a cameo in the recent movie, which I finally got to see earlier the same day…

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  • Optical Voodoo Man

    Christopher Plummer is Sci-Fi

    Christopher Plummer starred in quit a few sci-fi movies as well:

    • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    • 12 Monkeys
    • Wolf
    • Dreamscape
    • Star Crash

    Imagine the parts Julie Andrews could have put her own little spin on if she only had the inclination. Perhaps “The Diva” in “The Fifth Element.” I could also see her as a skull splitting sonic assassin/Zen master in a Matrix clone.

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