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Mumy to reprise role in new Zone

by on Jan.17, 2003, under Television

In an unusual sequel move, producers of UPN’s The Twilight Zone are going to film a sequel to the classic episode, “It’s a Good Life”, in which 6-year old Billy Mumy (Will Robinson in Lost in Space, Lennier in Babylon 5) had special powers (and was remade as a segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie in 1983). The sequel, entitled “It’s Still a Good Life”, will also star Mumy in the same character, now middle aged. Cloris Leachman will also reprise her role as his mother, and Mumy’s daughter Liliana (Lucy in The Santa Clause 2) will play his daughter with similar powers.

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  • TenDimensions

    An interesting cross-over

    This may be dangerously off topic, but when William Shatner guest-starred with John Lithgow on the zany sitcom, 3rd Rock from the Sun, an extremely cross-over reference joke was made.

    Shatner, playing “The Giant Head”, says to Lithgow when asked about the plane flight – “It was terrible. A strange little man was jumping up and down on the wing” (paraphrased).

    Shatner and Lithgow had both played the freaked-out airline passenger who fought with a gremlin tearing up the plane in the middle of a storm in a Twilight Zone story. Shatner in the original Twilight Zone seris and Lithgow in the movie.

    Just thought I’d share – I thought it was a pretty funny reference to make.

    • mfarah

      Re:An interesting cross-over

      The hilarious punchline was that Lithgow immediately responded “The same thing happened to ME!”.

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