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DSL, store changes

by on Jan.23, 2003, under General News

Well, my switch to Version DSL (from DirecTV DSL) went well – even with the dynamic IP update (I was set up for it and it got pushed through quickly). But to my great surprise (and detriment, and disgust) Verizon STILL blocks port 80 (a.k.a. the default http port) at the routers due to the CodeRed worm last year. Which means I can’t host a web server on the default port – which means I have to do something different. Temporarily at least I’ve moved it to a different server – if you can’t connect now give it a few more hours for DNS changes to happen. However, I’d like people to try and connect to and post the results here – I know some firewalls don’t like alternate ports. If this works, I can use a bounce page to get to the server at home…

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  • Sweetwind

    You should make this question a poll! 😉

    The link worked for me.

  • Raetsel

    Works… mostly

    “” works fine. My link is cable -> Verizon -> Sprint backbone, and has at least one firewall and proxy in the way. However, I must take issue with the links in the store…

    • FAIL (404) — Babylon 5
    • Pass — Known Space
    • Pass — Sci-Fi TV
    • Pass — Stargate SG-1

    Figures my favorite show would be the one that doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because the link comes out as “ 5/store/”…

    Good luck getting things ironed out. Looks like all the major kinks are gone. (Hopefully.)

  • dogregor

    Link works fine

    (see subject)
    My net access (this evening, anyway) is modem dialup via

  • tchansen

    Works for me

    Works for me on a Qwest DSL with ISP in Utah.

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