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Farscape, Doctor Who, more future releases

by on Mar.29, 2003, under General News

Check out the Sci-Fi TV Store for all the new upcoming releases and to pre-order. Included is a very busy March 20th: Season 3 volumes 3 and 4 (and a combo pack) of Farscape, the Children of Dune miniseries, Star Trek: Nemesis, and Dark Angel Season 1 all release that day. Plus release dates for Doctor Who episodes “Carnival of Monsters” and “Resurrection of the Daleks” (July 1), plus more Andromeda, X-Files, and don’t forget – Season 2 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is out next Tuesday, and all the other seasons are available for pre-order, spread through the rest of the year.

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The Core “dumb fun”

by on Mar.28, 2003, under Movies

I read a review of The Core in a newspaper this morning, which actually was fairly positive. I also came across this review on that maybe is overall negative, but they used the same phrase – “Dumb Fun”. So maybe this at least rates a DVD rental for me. If you go to see it, drop a review here…

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Lost in Space reunion still possible?

by on Mar.26, 2003, under Television

Despite the recent loss of Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith), who was to be a major part of the Lost in Space: The Journey Home reunion movie/backdoor pilot, it still may go ahead, according to co-writer S.S. Wilson (the Tremors movies and SCI FI Channel series among other genre movies). Also, the details are that the original crew of the Jupiter II would finally return to Earth – but another group would get stranded, providing the hook to a potential new series.

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What’s missing?

by on Mar.25, 2003, under General News

This is my periodic “Should I continue?” posting. Seems readership is down, and my time has been rather limited – two weeks lost due to pneumonia and a lot of catching up to do. Plus, sales via the SF stores is very much down compared to last year, and that’s what helps pay the bills. So, I ask – what can I do to make this better and get more participation? I’d like to put up more news, but I can only do so much so I limit to the more interesting stuff, plus what little comes in from others (I thank BaronMoritani for all the Dune snippets). Would a more open discussion forum (ala UBB, but with some free software) be of interest?

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Berman talks shift in Enterrpise course

by on Mar.23, 2003, under Television

Was the writing on the wall? Rick Berman talked in an interview about the troubled Enterprise – and signaled a course change commencing with the season-ending cliffhanger. “We’re talking about a change that is going to, to some degree, alter our mission and, to some degree, change the tone of the series,” he said. Also mention the possibility of young versions of known characters like Kirk and Sarek, an appearance by Q, and possibly some other NX-class ships, but that’s all in discussion.

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More Farscape?

by on Mar.22, 2003, under Television

Raetsel writes “Well, the “final” episode of Farscape has aired… but what to our wondering eyes should appear at the end?

    “To Be Continued…”

Most interesting. Perhaps it means the effort of all the fans out there has paid off? Here’s hoping!”

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Farscape, SG-1 finales tonight

by on Mar.22, 2003, under Television

(I know its a bit late – been busy). Tonight on the SCI FI Channel is the series finale of Farscape, and the season 6 finale of Stargate SG-1, with the return of Dr. Daniel Jackson facing the powerful Anubis…

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Irwin Allen Lost in Space, Time Tunnel on DVD this Oct/Nov

by on Mar.20, 2003, under General News

Dave Berry writes “This past week has been filled with very positive news about
`Lost in Space’ and Irwin Allen fandom. The Boston Globe on
Monday reported that fans can expect to see `Lost in Space’
return to the airways on the SciFi Channel in the near future”
Read More for the full (long!) story…

(continue reading…)

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Updated: Maguire possibly out for Spidey sequel

by on Mar.19, 2003, under Movies

Seems Tobey Maguire may not be able to return for the impending Spider-Man sequel. Apparently the rough stunt work required by the first movie and Seabiscuit have left him with an aching back, and shooting is scheduled to begin April 12th. Rumors are running that the real life boyfriend of co-star Kirsten Dunst, Jake Gyllenhaal (The Good Girl) may take his place.

Updated 3/19: USA Today says it ain’t true…at least that he’s not coming back. He does have a sore back, but should be fully recovered.

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Children of Dune starts tonight…

by on Mar.16, 2003, under Television

Fire up your TiVos, set your VCR clocks, do whatever you need – Children of Dune begins tonight at 9pm EST, and for the next two nights. And you can catch up on Dune today starting at 3pm EST.

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