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by on Jun.24, 2003, under General News

Barring any late-breaking news tonight, the site will remain still for several days as I take a much-needed vacation. You can still submit stories and they will be posted on my return…

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Potter V breaking records

by on Jun.23, 2003, under General News

Heard this on the radio first, but now its online. Scholastic, Inc., the U.S. publisher of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is estimating that 5 million copies of the book were sold on the first day (last Saturday) to consumers. shipped out a million copies alone the first day (our arrived by the afternoon), Barnes and Noble says they sold another million after 48 hours – 5 days earlier than expected – and Borders sold another 750,000 the first day. Now I have to pry it from my wife’s hands just to get a look…

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Mini-review: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD

by on Jun.23, 2003, under General News

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Rowling vs. Daily News

by on Jun.19, 2003, under General News

J.K. Rowling, author of the highly-anticipated Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and her U.S. publisher Scholastic Inc. have filed suit against New York’s Daily News after the newspaper posted excerpts of the book, having supposedly obtained a copy from a health food store in Brooklyn that put copies out Wednesday. Bookstores are forbidden from letting the book out before midnight Friday night. Apparently the DN even reproduced two pages of the book – with legible text. I’m pretty sure they can’t do that regardless…I’m also surprised with the claim that it “…harmed Scholastic’s $3 million worldwide marketing campaign.” Not that it was harmed, but that they’ve only spent $3 million…

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Ron Eppich is a man who has telepathic communication with…

by on Jun.19, 2003, under General News

Jamie Eppich writes “My name is Jamie Eppich and I am writing to you in regards to my husband Ron Eppich.

Ron has been a contactee since 1995 and has telepathic contact with an inter-dimensional being called Ash-kar. Ash-kar is not just what we would call an alien, but is a member of a group of supreme beings, intimately connected to the evolution of this planet. Ron?s experiences have some very unique aspects that we both feel would be of interest. Ron has formerly been an Arizona Highway Patrolman and was a sensor 3 operator on a P3 Orion with a top secret clearance, so I feel that you will find him to be a most credible witness to the experiences you will read about.

He is currently involved with [removed by request] and is writing a book concerning his contact experiences. He is searching for more venues to network with in sharing this vital information.

I ask that you please go to the following website to view the material that Ash-kar has put forth and please contact myself or my husband Ron if you are interested in working together.


Jamie Eppich



Or contact Ron directly at: 602-885-7155″ I just can’t comment right now – take it for what you will. But hey, at least people are submitting things…

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Relic Hunter Fans Fight A Desperate Battle

by on Jun.18, 2003, under Television

Thomas writes “Relic Hunter fans have launched a valiant campaign to bring back the popular television series- Relic Hunter for another season. An online petition has been set up at the following address, and fans are urging people to get invovled. ml
Rumour has it that the show ended after lead star- Tia took time out to try other roles, and secure a family. Having recently married and since worked on the Disney blockbuster- Lilo and Stitch, fans are now hoping the show will be continued.
The syndicated show that made it to three seasons say a female Indiana Jones-esque character called Sydney Fox hunting for lost relics.
Recent talk suggested that the show may return as a televised movie based around the Xena chakram. This has yet to be officially confirmed.”

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Hitchiker’s Guide moving forward

by on Jun.18, 2003, under Movies

After being thrown into turmoil with the death of Douglas Adams almost two years ago, movement is seen in the big screen adaptation. Hammer & Tongs, the British commercial and video-directing and producing team will take the helm, on behalf of Roger Birnbaum and Disney, with Spyglass funding it and Karey Kirkpatrick, who has already done some work on the original Adams-penned script, will take over further writing. Adams will get an Executive Producer credit.

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SG-1 premiere sets new bar

by on Jun.17, 2003, under Television

The two-hour premiere (well, it was really two connected episodes) of Stargate SG-1 this past Friday hit a 1.9 rating – tops for cable networks at that time, the highest rated season premiere ever and the highest ever rated June telecast for the SCI FI Channel. I hope they’re pleased…

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“The Key” – Time Travel Short Humor

by on Jun.16, 2003, under Stories

Todd Burnett writes “The Key * * * a short story by Todd A. Burnett: The dark of night cloaks the earth in deepest midnight blue. A million stars peer down–pinpricks of light scattered across heaven.” Read More for the whole story.

(continue reading…)

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Relic Hunter/Xena Crossover

by on Jun.14, 2003, under Television

Ellen Williams writes “Rumor has it that a televised Relic Hunter movie focussing around the Xena chakram is planned for next summer. According to Cult Times, Sydney Fox will uncover the weapon and two lost Xena scrolls.

In a recent interview, Lucy Lawless exclaimed- “Me and Tia always wanted to have the two series’ merge, but then Xena ended”. It is unclear yet whether Lucy Lawless herself will appear in the movie, which will feature references to Xena episodes.

Tia Carrere said: “It’s very exciting. It’s never been done before. We’re taking an established series and weaving a narrative around it”.

Rob Tapert- executive producer of Xena- has said that this will not hinder chances of a fully-fledged Xena movie in the future.”

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