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Alien 5… and 6?

by on Jun.06, 2003, under Movies

Zap2It is reporting that the plotlines have been revealed for the next two films in the Alien series. Number 5 has the aliens attacking Earth (in “drop ships” supposedly shown in the first movie – IIRC that was some other alien’s ship). Number six has the aliens attacking other planets with Ripley turning to the “dark side” (huh?) to save civilization.

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  • mfarah

    How much more?

    Each sequel is way worse than the previous movie (hell, Alien IV doesn’t even qualify as a movie). How much more of this crap are we going to get?

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:How much more?

      It’s not quite as bad as that. III left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. When Newt died in the beginning (after making so much about saving her in the second) nobody really cared what happened after that, especially to a colony of genetically-inclined super-crooks.

      Well, Newt’s dead. The rest was a 2-hour wrap-up.

      I agree with the article poster, though. THERE WERE NO ALIEN DROP SHIPS in the first movie. That big ship was the ship of some race of giants. Remember the big guy in the acceleration chair with his chest burst open? (BTW, if the aliens adopt the genetic style of their host, as a reasonable design advantage, [remember the doggish alien in III] then I’d hate to see the giant aliens.)

      The aliens never had the feel of some intelligent, but belligerant race. They always had the feel of some bio-weapon that got out of control. Their intelligence, hinted at in several movies, seemed to derive from adopting the human’s genetics in their larval production stage.

      I’d much rather see some a&& like Burke bring some samples back and have them get out of control. Aliens in drop ships seems like an idiotic suggestion. If they’re gonna do that, they might as well have the giant drop ships land, and have the aliens come out driving gigantic mechanical spiders.

    • Optical Voodoo Man

      Re:How much more?

      “Alien IV doesn’t even qualify as a movie”

      I liked Alien IV, but I hated Alien^3. I agree with the other poster, as soon as you saw Newt’s dead white skin, the movie was over. I always thought that the ship they found in Alien was purposely left there to attract hostile races to their dooms. Someone who was peaceful would have avoided the beacon, but these guys were drawn to it like moths to a candle. I would have rather seen Aliens 5 be about trying to deal with the Pandora?s box that was opened instead of changing the flow to all out invasion with spaceships.

      • iamsheridan

        Re:How much more?

        I would like to see the script that was written by William Gibson made into a movie. I saw it on the web some years ago (at least five!).

        It took place at an [mining?] asteroid where a bunch aliens were let loose. I got that taste of fear in my mouth just from reading the script.

        Sorry, don’t know where I read it.
        /I am Sheridan

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