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Arnold’s movies a victim of his campaign

by on Aug.13, 2003, under Television

Don’t expect to see The Terminator on broadcast TV for a while – or True Lies, or any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s other movies, at least in California. Arnie’s advisors told the press that Federal “equal time” rules apply, and if a station airs one of his movies, ALL of his opponents can claim equal time for free, and that’s a lot of time – nearly 250 registered candidates. The law definitely applies to broadcast stations, and it is known that cable channels are exempt, but there is a apparently grey area with cable providers like Time Warner and Comcast carrying an Arnie movie on their system from one of the cable channels. Ironically this happened before – in 1973, when Star Trek alum George Takei ran for LA City Council. A local station aired a rerun of Star Trek, and it cost them an entire evening of programming to give equal time to 14 candidates.
Update 8/19: Sure enough, the SCI FI Channel announced it is postponing 3 previously-scheduled Schwarzenegger films until after the recall election.

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The Story of the Grey’s, a Government Cover up

by on Aug.13, 2003, under Stories

Michael Coonce writes “The Grey?s


The Grey?s have been here since before recorded time. Why they are here is a closely guarded secret of the governmental superpowers of the world.
One man, deeply involved in the cover-up will try to tell the world about The Grey?s, but?

The Grey?s is the first installment of a three parts.” I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a Spec Script, outline, or what, but its an interesting read, if a bit long for the site.

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