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The Story of the Grey’s, a Government Cover up

by on Aug.13, 2003, under Stories

Michael Coonce writes “The Grey?s


The Grey?s have been here since before recorded time. Why they are here is a closely guarded secret of the governmental superpowers of the world.
One man, deeply involved in the cover-up will try to tell the world about The Grey?s, but?

The Grey?s is the first installment of a three parts.” I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a Spec Script, outline, or what, but its an interesting read, if a bit long for the site.

Part I: The Grey?s- They were the first to arrive
Part II: The Blonde?s- They came next
Part III: The Aftermath, The Fight for Planetary Control


The Grey?s is a sci-fi/suspense/thriller. A man raised from within the cover-up, releases the truth and answers he?s protected all his life within the organization.


The Majestic Twelve is a top-secret research and development operation created by President Truman and responsible only to him and seceding Presidents.

Michael is MJ #1?s son, he has been groomed his whole life by his father to be a future President of the United States. After the mysterious death of his father, Michael takes his place as an active member of the secret conspiracy.

Blonde is a captured alien that is being held after his spacecraft was shot down for violating air space over a secret mountain facility. He gives Michael clues as to how humans came to be on this Earth and what the future holds for the human race.

The Grey?s are the alien life forms that have visited the planet since before recorded time.

MJ #3 takes over the Majestic Twelve after the death of Michael?s father. MJ #3?s true identity is never revealed. He continues the mission to study The Grey?s and to assist the military in technological advancement, though he never learns to trust the aliens.

The Russian Military is deployed to the deserts of Egypt in search of ?The One? and the ?Tomb of Knowledge.?

Air Force Sergeant Jonathon Louette is kidnapped by The Grey?s from a missile test range. His body is found three days later.

Air Force Sergeant Paul Pena is suspected of killing Sgt Louette when he returns to headquarters and explains that he had been kidnapped by aliens.

The Men in Black are the protectors of the secret. They guard the Majestic Twelve country club and are sent on mission to observe and keep people quiet.


The solar system has just formed and the earth is still cooling. From the ocean depth?s life begins to inherit the land as we move forward in time.

In the skies, several silvery objects float around. One of the objects has trouble staying in the air and crashes on the side of a volcano. From the wreckage a single grey hand emerges from a hole in the craft.

A clan of pre-historic man and women take camp near a lake. Two clansmen return from a hunt with food and cook it on an open fire. That night, as most of the group sleeps, several flickering lights are seen in the sky. One of the men grabs a stick from the fire and tries to swat the lights. Within a few moments he is engulfed in a beam of white light. Scared, the clan starts throwing stones into the light. When it disappears, so does the caveman.


The time before hieroglyphics, pharaohs, and pyramids.
A family of sheepherders move their flock through the desert towards the town. It’s starting to get dark. Off in the distance is a light floating in the sky. It appears to be following them. A boy with the family ventures away and runs toward the light. The light begins to descend and lands on the desert floor. The boy runs up to the spacecraft and begins throwing rocks at it. When nothing happens he begins to walk away. When he does, the craft opens and a brilliant light shines from inside and illuminates the desert. The boy turns around and walks back toward the craft where an alien is waiting inside. FLASH SEQUENCE: The boys face imposed with that of a pharaoh. END FLASH.

A few thousand years later.

The pyramids are being built. Labours and slaves stretch for miles through the desert moving large masses of rock.

A pharaoh sits upon the foundation of the great sphinx, beside him is a grey man wearing the mask of an eagle and a surveyor showing the pharaoh how progress is going.

ROME- ITALY (1600 A.D.),

Several men sit in a prison cell at the bottom of a church. The guards enter to take on of the men away to be hung. The man being hung this day is GIORDANO BRUNO, for his beliefs that the earth is round and that there is extraterrestrial life outside the atmosphere.


GALILEO GALILEI is on trial for his belief that the earth is not the center of the universe and for corrupting others into believing in the Copernican system. His charge is heresy. Galilei signs a confession denouncing his beliefs and is sentenced to house arrest, for the rest of his life.


The POV begins with that of a home video camera pointed at the ground. Someone is adjusting the camera and it comes in and out of focus on a chair in the middle of the room. When the camera is finally focused, an elderly man appears and sits in the chair.

The man introduces himself as ?Michael?, a son of a Majestic Twelve member. He shares with us his knowledge of alien life visiting our planet and tells of the cover up that is to keep the population as a whole in the dark.


Local citizens gather in the streets, pack their cars, and hit the road when they learn that the city is in a war with Martians. What the people of the city will learn later is that they were listening to a radio broadcast of ?War of the Worlds,? by H.G. Wells.


Night has set upon the woods, except for one spot deep in the forest that is illuminated. The illumination comes from giant spotlights and vehicle headlights pointing at what appears to be an object that has crashed.
The German military has surrounded the area and is attempting to excavate the object and take it to another location.


The Sweden and American military have closed off a crash sight in the middle of the Swedish forest, a similar looking object lies half buried in the ground because of its crash.
Gen. Doolittle and Forrestal are there overseeing the removal operation and plan to ship the craft back to the states in pieces for further study.
Forrestal tells Doolittle that when he returns to the states, he will be assigned a new position recently created by the President. The position is Defense Secretary.


Truman sits in the Oval office speaking with one of his Advisors. The Advisor informs Truman on how operations with extraterrestrial life and the mechanics of their spacecrafts is going. Progress is slow.

Secretary of Defense Forrestal is waiting outside to speak with the President. When the Advisor finishes his brief Forrestal is invited in. Forrestal informs the President that Project Bluebook and Sign have been started and that some progress is being made.
Truman informs Forrestal that he has considered creating a new ?intelligence? agency and that he wants to start the Majestic Twelve project.


The clubhouse is located in an isolated area of Nevada.

Inside the clubhouse library a panel of twelve men convene. The panel of men are some of the countries elite, politicians, scientists, and military officers. Their areas of responsibility are divided in such a way that no member of the panel ever knows what the other eleven are doing, except for when they come to these meetings. MJ #1 is the head of the twelve-member panel. He reports directly to the President and controls what the other members know.


As tourists visit the monuments of the capital on a clear blue-sky day, an armada of shiny flying specks is seen in the distance. The specks grow larger as they approach the White House, and reveal that they are in fact, flying saucers. Tourists stare and scatter as the objects fly above the White House and disappear into the horizon.


A General picks up his phone and calls an unidentified person. He tells this person that the flyby that took place earlier that day was unacceptable and that it better not ever happen again.


Two Air Force soldiers are out on the missile test range late one night picking up debris from tests that took place earlier that day.

Off in the distance one of the Sgt. Louette sees a light glowing in the forest. Sgt. Pena and Louette load up their jeep and drive to the sight where Louette saw the light. They believe it could be a fire or a military unit that has wandered onto the test sight by accident.
When they get as close to the light as they can in their jeep, they take off walking through the woods on foot. A helicopter flies over them as they near the light. Scared, the two decide to go back and tell the MP?s and let them handle it.

The two return to their jeep. When Louette gets into the jeep, he is suddenly engulf in a brilliant white light. Pena calls out to him. The light disappears and so does Louette.


Louette awaken to find himself in a round, dome shaped, all white room. Because of the nature of the room he has a hard time determining distance. He stands up and walks to the nearest wall, following it along, looking for a way out. When he ventures to leave the wall and move to the center of the room, a hole appears in the floor showing him that he is no longer on the ground and fling over a city. When he looks up from the hole, he finds that there is now a door where there once wasn?t and there are several alien beings standing there waiting for him.

WHITE SANDS, NM (the next day),

The search for Sgt. Louette continues. In a command tent that has been setup, several Officers go over maps and discuss Sgt. Pena?s story. They decide to question him again since he is a suspect and the last to see Louette.


A black Cadillac parks in front of Pena?s house. Two Men in Black get out and make their way to his door. Pena is asked to come outside and in so many words, he is warned to never speak about what happened on the test sight to anyone ever again. Pena is infuriated and tells the Men to leave his house.


From the library window, MJ #1 watches his son Michael receive golf lessons outside. A knock at the library door reveals MJ #6 waiting to enter.

MJ #6 reports the latest names and figures of abductees received from the Grey?s. The high number of people being abducted angers MJ #1. He believes that people will be extinct if the Grey?s continue their current course.

MJ #1 is also concerned with recent cattle mutilations that have taken place in the Northeast US. MJ #6 tells him that the Grey?s claim they are not responsible for the mutilations. MJ #6 believes that there is another group responsible for the increased mutilations.

CLOSE IN ON CONFERENCE TABLE: A New York Times newspaper lies on the table, the front page title reads, ?Missing Soldier found Surgically Mutilated.?



Isolated deep in the desert is a small mountain that has been transformed into a secret underground facility for the Grey?s and humans to share alike.

A convoy of vehicles travel across the desert and stop at the entrance to the mountain. MJ #1 gets out of the center vehicle and begins walking to the gate. Behind him, Michael follows. MJ #3 greets MJ #1 at the gate and takes them on a tour of the facility.

MJ #3 takes the group to a large hangar deep inside the mountain. Inside is the wreckage of a spacecraft that was shot down days earlier when it kept flying over the facility. MJ #3 also shows MJ #1 the bodies of the crew that were onboard. Looking at the bodies, he learns that they are not like the Greys, but look like humans, except they are all blonde and blue eyed. MJ #1 also learns that there is one survivor from the crash.

MJ #3 shows MJ #1 the room where the survivor is being held. He is being called Blonde.


MJ #1 enters the room where Blonde is crouched down in a corner. Michael is told to stay back. MJ #1 walks up to Blonde and takes a knee beside him, MJ #3 stays behind MJ #1. Blonde stares at MJ #1, but doesn?t move. MJ #1 speaks with Blonde but there is no reply. MJ #1 reaches out and grabs Blonde?s hand, Blonde turns to MJ #1.


The vision reveals the Grey?s are cloning themselves and creating human/Grey hybrids. There is a nuclear explosion and finally MJ #1 sees his own death.

When the visions stop, MJ #1 falls to the floor unconscious. Several people come into the room and remove MJ #1.


MJ #1 awakens and finds himself strapped to a gurney. Two Doctors holding clipboards observe MJ #1. MJ #1 tries to warn the Doctors of what he was shown, but they don?t believe him. MJ #3 comes to the bedside and tells MJ #1 that he is now in charge of the Majestic Twelve and that with the knowledge he now has, he is a threat and must be eliminated.


The Russian Army is outside Cairo with hundreds of natives digging in the sand. They are looking for the tomb of the Visitor and the tomb of Knowledge. American intelligence believes that the Russian presence is to help the Egyptian people.

A group of Russian Officers watch the laborers and discuss what has been found so far. One of the laborers approaches the group with a brick that he had uncovered, he informs the Officers that there are a lot more.

The Officers move to the dig site and see that it is part of a buried wall that is still standing, they are ordered to concentrate on this area and to alert the Commander when it is uncovered.

(The next day)

The Commander arrives to find the wall uncovered and a hole big enough for them to walk through. His Intel Officer alerts the Commander that everything needs to be documented. The Commander sends two low ranking troops to walk in front of his entourage.


MJ #3 has called a meeting to inform the other members that the Russians have found the tomb of the Visitor. He orders that a team of agents and Michael be dispatched to retrieve the body of the Visitor. The dispatch is sent in fear of the Russians announcing that they have the answer to the biggest question. Is there life beyond earth and have they visited us?

During the meeting, MJ #3 also announces that he wants to initiate a gradual public awareness of alien life. He knows that no secret can be kept forever and he wants to act now to desensitize the public over the next twenty years.

INT. AIRPLANE (Summer 1964)

Michael and several MIB?s sit in the cargo area of the plane. Michael sits on top of a large crate with Egyptian writing on the side. The crate is the demission of your typical casket.


The underground facility is a warehouse used for holding and researching items that are submitted. Michael has arrived to turn in the crate that he retrieved in Egypt. The Scientist present asks him if there were any problems retrieving the body of the Visitor. Michael informs them that when he arrived, all the persons that had entered the tomb were dieing or were already dead. The Russian Army handed the crate over to the Egyptians because they were afraid that the tomb was cursed. Michael bought the crate from the Egyptians.


Michael walks down the hallway corridor accompanied by two MIB?s. He passes by an observation room window and notices Blonde is inside talking with Scientists. Michael looks at Blonde sitting at the table. After a moment, Blonde stops talking and looks directly at the one-way mirror as if he can see Michael.


Michael sits in the backseat and instructs the MIB Driver to take him back to the clubhouse.


The Apollo 11 spaceship launches from the platform and is on its way to the moon.

NEVADA DESERT (July 1969),

A group of young civilian Scientist hikes through the desert and mountains looking for a secret facility that they have heard about. While the other Scientists have their doubts, the lead Scientists assures them that they are close. They reach the top of yet another mountain ridge and take a break. While doing so, the lead Scientist finishes the climb to the top to see what is on the other side. After a few minutes, the lead Scientist excitedly returns and has the group follow him back to the top to see what he has found. At the top, the group is shown a guarded entrance at the base of the next mountain. The group sets up camp and plans to stay the night and get pictures of any activity.


The group is still at the top of the mountain with their camera ready. They hear a noise in the distance. The sound continues to get closer to the Scientists. Suddenly a bright light from the sky illuminates the group lying on the ridge. The light moves over the group and reveals that the aircraft is a helicopter.

Scared, the group begins to run down the mountain. At the base of the mountain, military personnel confront the group. The military informs them that they are trespassing and that they need to leave immediately. The Scientists comply and begin to pack their things. The military also leave and return back behind the rocks of the mountain. While packing, the Scientists discuss how they still have their camera and that the pictures they have taken will be very valuable.

While packing another brilliant light engulfs the Scientists, this light didn?t have a warning sound before hand. When the light vanishes, so does the group.

INT. MOUNTAIN BASE (Summer 1970),

Michael is walking down one of the corridors when MJ #3 approaches him. MJ #3 asks Michael if he would follow him. MJ #3 takes Michael to the Observation Room where Blonde is being held. MJ #3 discloses that Blonde has asked to speak with Michael. Michael is warned that it is safe as long as he doesn?t let Blonde touch him.


Michael enters the Observation Room and finds Blonde sitting at the table provided. Michael confirms that Blonde wishes to speak with him. Blonde asks Michael where he believes we all came from. Michael tells him that God created them. Blonde has heard of God but asks where he is and if Michael has ever seen him. Michael tells him that God is all around but he has never seen him. Blonde asks who taught Michael to say that. Since he has never seen or talked to God, then he much have been taught to give that answer. Michael asks if that is the correct answer and Blonde tells him that instead of an answer he knows the truth. Blonde tells him to read the Bible again, particularly Revelations. In that Chapter, he will find the answers he seeks. Michael asks why Blonde killed his father. Blonde informs him that he did no such thing and that he has been lied to. Blonde tells him that his father was killed for finding out the truth. Michael doesn?t understand and Blonde tells him to take his hand. If he wants to know the truth he must take Blondes hand. Michael reaches out and takes Blondes hand.


The visions reveal flying saucers surrounding the mountain base, the Grey?s and MIB?s fight the military and humans, Michael?s father being dissected by the Grey?s. PITCH BLACK. A low roar of ?Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, gets louder and louder in Michael?s mind.

Ancient Egypt. A creature wearing the golden mask of the Eagle?s Head standing next to a young pharaoh. The casket Michael brought back from Egypt being opened to reveal the skeleton of a Grey. BLONDE (V.O) ?This is the face of your God. Now you know.? END VISION.
Michael releases Blondes hand and falls to the floor. MJ #3 rushes in to pick Michael up. MJ #3 asks what happened and Blonde informs him that he now knows the truth. MJ #3 says he shouldn?t have done that Michael was a fine man.

Blonde gets up from the table and walks over to MJ #3 and grabs his shoulder. MJ #3 falls to his knees, then on his back. Michael begins to wake up and sees MJ #3 lying on the floor next to him. Blonde tells Michael that MJ #3 is asleep and that he was protecting him so he wouldn?t end up like his father.

Michael asks what Blonde is doing here.


Blonde admits to being an explorer, he is researching how life has progressed on this planet. Michael asks if he?s been here before. Several times along with the Grey?s, Blonde admits. Blonde tells Michael that there are several Blondes like himself that live and move about in the civilian population. Blonde also tells Michael that he is waiting for more of his kind to arrive, but fears that by the time they get here that nothing will be left of the planet for them to research. ?In your efforts to stop the second coming, your people will have fulfilled it,? Blond says.

(Read Script for more)


MJ #3 is lying on a bed while a nurse and Grey watch over him.


Michael enters that church and goes and sits in the first pew. A Reverend enters a side door and walks to the podium and places some paperwork there. He sees Michael and walks over to him. Michael tells him that he has a question that he needs answered. ?When will the end of the world happen,? Michael asks. The Reverend tells him that he believes that the end is near and that it has already started.
The Reverend reaches behind the pew and grabs one of the Bibles. He turns the pages to the back of the book. ?And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gather together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone,? the Reverend read. The Reverend reads this to help Michael understand the severity of what is to come. Michael asks about the atheists. The Reverend tells him that there truly aren?t any, and that everyone believes in something. The important thing to know is which side you will be on. Good or Evil, but most people don?t know which is which and they are internally conflicted, because the line is not clear.


The Reverend points to the back of the church. Michael turns around to find two MIB?s waiting for him. Michael excuses himself and walks to the MIB?s. They inform Michael that there is a problem at the mountain base and that he needs to go with them.


Michael sits in the backseat as the MIB?s drive across the desert. Outside his window he sees a helicopter escorting the car to its destination. Michael inquires as to what the situation is. The MIB?s tell him that MJ #3 will fill him in when they get to the rendezvous point. Further in the distance, Michael can see large masses of tanks and soldiers moving in the same direction ass them. Michael?s car passes through the military formations and arrives at the rally point just a few miles ahead.


Michael gets out of his car and walks over to a large trailer being towed by a 4×4 truck. MJ #3 exits the trailer as Michael approaches. MJ #3 informs Michael that after he left the mountain base, other secret facilities were being taken over by the Grey?s. Fearing danger to his own life, MJ #3 left the mountain base, and as he did the Grey?s began to take over that facility as well. MJ #3 and Michael enter the trailer.


The trailer has several workstations inside. Civilians monitor the military radio net and coordinate with tank Commanders.

MJ #3 goes on to tell Michael that the other facilities are slowly coming back under military control and the Grey?s are starting to flee. The mountain base is the last facility that needs to be taken back. While talking, a civilian staff member interrupts and tells them that five flying objects are being tracked and heading their way. As they watch the objects get closer, a sudden EXPLOSION takes place outside and rocks the trailer. Everyone runs out of the trailer to see what happened. They see the five objects continue to fly toward the mountain base. A soldier runs up to Michael and informs him that one of the craft fired on their tanks. No one was killed.

MJ #3 orders helicopters to chase the aircrafts and to shoot them down.


Five helicopters with side mounted rockets chase after the aircrafts. Two of the aircrafts break away from the other three and divert the helicopters attention. A missile is fired from a helicopter and shoots down one of the crafts immediately. A second missile is fired at the next craft, but misses. The craft moves toward the helicopter causing it the clip its propellers on the craft. The helicopter crashes to the ground. Another missile is fired and hits the craft. The craft stays in the air for a minute trying to maintain altitude and control.


MJ #3 orders the tank Commanders to start moving their units to the mountain base.


The wounded craft is still in the air. Smoke billows from its hull. Another helicopter fires a missile hitting the craft again. This time the craft falls to the earth and crashes.


The tank units and soldiers rush to the entrance of the mountain base. As they get closer they can see the three remaining crafts hovering over the entrance. Once the military reaches a certain distance the three remaining crafts change from a solid craft to floating dots of light that dance in no particular pattern over the entrance.


The helicopters have caught up with the military units and keep their distance from the balls of light.


MJ #3 and Michael watch monitors with a live feed of the events taking place outside.


The military units have formed a half moon shaped perimeter around the entrance to the mountain. In the center are the balls of light high in the air.

MJ #3 and Michael exit the trailer.

Michael volunteers to take a group of soldiers and to enter the mountain base. MJ #3 is reluctant but allows him to do so.


Michael leads a small group of military personnel into the mountain base. Walking down the corridors, they notice that the base seems to have been abandoned. A noise is heard in the distance. The go up to a door that they believe the noise came from and try to open it. Inside are several staff members and scientists. Michael asks them if they are all right and what happened. They explain that the Grey?s rounded everyone up that didn?t escape and placed them in this room. Michael orders the military personnel to escort the staff members back to the entrance and take them to safety.


Michael looks down the corridor with his flashlight. He turns to one of the military members and tells him that he?ll be back shortly. Michael walks down the corridor and comes to the observation room where Blonde was being held. He uses his flashlight to look inside and finds Blonde still sitting at the table. On the floor at Blonde?s feet are five Grey bodies. Michael walks around to the door of the room and opens it slowly. Blonde tells him that the Grey?s were coming after him so he had to kill them. Blonde informs Michael that he aware of what is going on and that the ships outside are for him. Michael wants to know why the ships fired on the military if they were coming to get Blonde. Blonde believes it is because the humans are working with the Grey?s.

He explains that the Grey?s and Blonde?s are not together and are competing for the earth. They both want the planet, yet neither side is currently in the position to act, but within Michael?s lifetime that will all change. He alludes to the future war the planet will be involved in, and asks Michael which side he will be on.

Blonde gets up to leave and Michael follows him down the corridor.


Blonde walks outside the entrance to the base. All the power of the military is focused on him. Michael rushes out of the base and tells them to hold their fire. A beam of light from one of the balls of light cover Blonde. When the light goes out, Blonde is gone.
The three remaining balls of light climb in altitude and disappear over the horizon.

MJ #3 walks up to Michael and asks if there are any Grey?s still inside. Michael begins to walk away. MJ #3 tries to stop Michael, but it?s no use, Michael doesn?t want to be an agent anymore.


(Present Day)

An old Michael still sits in his chair talking to the camera.
There is a knock at the door and Michael answers it.

Two MIB?s walk into the room and grab Michael, another goes over to the camera and takes the film out. A Young Man enters the room and questions Michael about the video. The Young Man tells the MIB?s to take Michael to the car.


Michael is placed in the backseat between the two MIB?s. The Young Man gets in the drivers seat and starts the car. Michael asks where they are taking him. The Young Man tell him that he is being taken back to the country club. The same place he was brought up. Michael asks how the Young Man knows that. The Young Man turns around and looks at Michael. The Young Man is a Young version of Michael?s Father.

The car drives off into the night and disappears.



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