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Lord of the Rings entended version to release in theaters

by on Aug.22, 2003, under Movies

In case you haven’t seen the extended versions of Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers (and why not? Well, OK, The Two Towers isn’t out yet) or if you enjoy sitting through a four-hour film, New Line is releasing the extended edition to theaters in the two weeks prior to the December 17th premiere of The Return of the King, one each week.

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  • Anonymous Coward


    Let me guess, still no intermission to drain out the 40 oz Super Huge Soda that we bought at the concession stand?

    • Doc


      At a smallish local cinema a couple of years ago, my wife and I went to see something, I don’t remember what. On the way in, we got some popcorn and some drinks. The concession kid said, “If you get the extra-large (64oz) drink, you’ll get a free refill.” I answered, “If I got the extra-large drink, why would I NEED a refill?” He thought about if for a moment, and the realization suddenly dawned on him that it wasn’t exactly going to help sell the bigger drink.

      But yes, there definitely should be an intermission, both to drain and to refuel for the second half – we are talking 4 hour movies here…even HBO in the early days would have intermissions on movies over a certain length…

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