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Trailer for upcoming Enterprise season premiere

by on Aug.23, 2003, under Television

UPN has put up a trailer for the upcoming Enterprise season premiere on the official web site.

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  • macemoneta

    Doesn’t look to promising

    I didn’t see anything that would bring me back. They’re concentrating too much on FX, and not enough on the drama that made ST (or any successful series for that matter) the icon that it was. At least, that seems to be the way its advertised. If the buzz is good half-way through the seaon, I’ll check it out. Otherwise, there are better things to do with my time. After Firefly, John Doe, and Farscape were canceled, the producers of these programs have to show more commitment before I’ll look at a new series. Renew a series for 3 years, and I’ll watch it.

  • Anonymous Coward


    “Your warp field is destabilizing”? Star Trek has become so cliche that it’s a parody of itself.