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Arnold’s movies a victim of his campaign

by on Aug.13, 2003, under Television

Don’t expect to see The Terminator on broadcast TV for a while – or True Lies, or any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s other movies, at least in California. Arnie’s advisors told the press that Federal “equal time” rules apply, and if a station airs one of his movies, ALL of his opponents can claim equal time for free, and that’s a lot of time – nearly 250 registered candidates. The law definitely applies to broadcast stations, and it is known that cable channels are exempt, but there is a apparently grey area with cable providers like Time Warner and Comcast carrying an Arnie movie on their system from one of the cable channels. Ironically this happened before – in 1973, when Star Trek alum George Takei ran for LA City Council. A local station aired a rerun of Star Trek, and it cost them an entire evening of programming to give equal time to 14 candidates.
Update 8/19: Sure enough, the SCI FI Channel announced it is postponing 3 previously-scheduled Schwarzenegger films until after the recall election.

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The Story of the Grey’s, a Government Cover up

by on Aug.13, 2003, under Stories

Michael Coonce writes “The Grey?s


The Grey?s have been here since before recorded time. Why they are here is a closely guarded secret of the governmental superpowers of the world.
One man, deeply involved in the cover-up will try to tell the world about The Grey?s, but?

The Grey?s is the first installment of a three parts.” I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a Spec Script, outline, or what, but its an interesting read, if a bit long for the site.

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New “Bureau 13” D20 RPG manual

by on Aug.10, 2003, under Games

Nick Pollotta writes “The following is an excerpt from the new RPG manual,
“BUREAU 13: D20”, by Richard Tucholka and Nick Pollotta.
Coming September 2003 from Wildside Press, ISBN:1-59224-189-1
Permission to reprint is granted.”
This looks to be a new D20 version of the Bureau 13 RPG, of which Nick has written several novels. Read More for some of the wacky details. Imagine hunting down supernatural foes teamed up with the Boston Pops and Cher…nope, can’t…

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Go for a ride with the Borg in Vegas

by on Aug.07, 2003, under General News

The Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton is getting a new attraction – a “4D” ride based on the Borg. “Borg Invasion 4D” will be an immersive ride and feature characters from Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: First Contact, and is the first ever Star Trek attraction to be rendered in 3D. Also in the news is a report that Star Trek may be added to the title of Enterprise.

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Pick Episode III droid color

by on Aug.06, 2003, under Movies

Obi-Wan will have a new astro-mech droid in his starfighter in Star Wars: Episode III, and you can pick the color! Registered Hyperspace users at the official web site can pick from 4 different color schemes for the new droid.

Update: Figures. The poll closed on Sunday.

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Babylon 5 Season 3 next week

by on Aug.05, 2003, under General News

Man, slow week for news. About the biggest thing is the highly-awaited Babylon 5 Season 3: Point of No Return Box Set out next Tuesday, 8/12. You’ve pre-ordered yours already, right? Don’t have any of the sets yet? Try the Season 1+2+3 Combo Pack…by the way, the Official Web Site finally got a makeover…

Update 8/15: WHV has made a number of images available for free for use with the Eyetide viewer. Use this link to get the collection.

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