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Frank Herbert’s Dune RPG: Online Text Based Game

by on Sep.24, 2003, under Games

BaronMoritani writes “This Game is TEXT based

The Year is 9170 A.G.

1000 Years Before Muad’Dib

Chapter 2 “Fight For Arrakis”” Read More for the entire description.

“It is a time of great change. In a surprising move, The Padishah Emperor Laurentii Ali has refused to award the fief of Arrakis to any one Great House of the Landsraad. Instead, the Emperor has chosen to award separate territories of spice mining areas of Arrakis to three of the Great Houses. According to the sublime Padishah Emperor’s wisdom, the most effective Great House will emerge and rule Dune. As House Atreides, House Harkonnen, and House Saluso-Corrino compete as the most effective spice gatherer, House Mudarris-Moritani now controls the water-selling union. Four Great Houses now occupy the desert planet, but all must contend with the emerging power of the Fremen from sietch Red Wall.

Reflecting this period of upheaval, two new Great Houses have emerged from the minor house ranks of the Sysselraad. House Arminus now controls the technological planet of Richese, while House Ginaz has recently emerged as a surprising power player.

House Atreides Duke Kyle Atreides paved the way for the escalation of Imperial Tithes for spice mining on Arrakis. Although Atreides has recently made himself well liked by the greedy Padishah Emperor, there are those in the Imperium who were not well served by such a high tithe. Has Duke Atreides ambition led to folly?

House Harkonnen Baron Harq al Harkonnen was secretly promised to rule Arrakis on his own, so in a daring move, the Baron forsook the riches of the technocracy of Richese. Apparently House Harkonnen’s friends are not as powerful as he once thought. Will Baron Harkonnen show his true ambition and perform the necessary, yet unpopular acts which will insure his true place as sole ruler of Arrakis?

House Corrino So, what is the true story behind a Corrino giving up the pageantry of the social life of Kaitan for the uncertainties of creating his own fiefdom? There is gaining romance and fascination around the young Count Saudir Saluso Corrino’s bid for Arrakis, but there are those who do not wish to have another popular Corrino ruling Dune.

House Moritani Despite House Moritani’s past troubles, Duke Ra el Mudarris-Moritani has ambitious plans as the owner of the Water Seller contracts on Arrakis, but what are his true plans?

House Arminius Baron Arminius has recently been made Great House and controls technological fief, Richese. Will he be tempted to betray the restrictions made following the Butlerian Jihad?

House Ginaz Following the untimely assassination of his heir, House Ginaz parlayed sympathy into votes to become a Great House. Has Duke Allen Ginaz abandoned the honor of his predecessors in order to become a Major House?

The Fremen Are they simply sparsely populated roving bands of scavengers or are they something much more? The Fremen of Sietch Red Wall feel they are the ones who truly rule Arrakis.

The opportunities for Great and Lesser Houses are about to increase as new CHOAM holdings have recently been opened for petitioning. Reflecting this period of change, alliances are shifting as all minor houses hope to gain new and prosperous economic contracts.

During this time of upheaval, uncertainty, and accusations, the Emperor’s cousin and lifelong friend, Count Danden Corrino, has been assigned as Judge of the Change of Arrakis, overseeing the four Great Houses currently occupying Dune.

It is well known among the Great Houses that the strongest among them likely will be chosen to solely mine the spice m?lange from planet Arrakis. There will be only one winner in this fight for Arrakis. Dune is the most prosperous CHOAM contract for the Great Houses and is the barren wasteland that everyone desires. For the Great Houses, a period of military conflict is at hand, but who stands to gain the most from it?

There is only one certainty in the universe. The spice must flow!

In the Houses of the Landsraad RPG, new characters usually begin as House Minors alligned to house majors, which reduces the responsibilities of new players.

New players may also play Fremen from Sietch Red Wall.

The game uses facets of the Dune CCG, Fading Suns RpG, and the Axis and Allies system of battalion combat. The game has treachory and intrigue with duels, battles, assassinations, and the accumulation of resources and alliances. The game is simple yet elegent; sophisticated, yet barbaric.

The Houses of the Landsraad RPG uses message boards and chat room for game play.

It is perhaps the most active Dune RPG in years! Come see what the fun is all about here: nw

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