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It’s official: Star Trek: Enterprise

by on Sep.24, 2003, under Television

UPN has officially renamed Enterprise to Star Trek: Enterprise, starting with tonight’s (9/24) episode. In a memo to affliates sent yesterday, Diane Kuri, UPN’s Director of Communications and Operations and Affiliate Relations, said that “by formally changing the show’s title, we will be able to further capitalize on and form a stronger connection to the famous and highly successful Star Trek franchise.”

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  • God of Lemmings

    bad idea

    In other words, we are too stupid to realize that our show is crap and destroying the franchise, and instead think its a problem caused by a lack of name recognition. I doubt there is really much they can do to save the franchise now other than to do the exact opposite and declare it non-canon… that and shoot Berman in the head.

    • Edweirdo

      Re:bad idea

      I’ve always suspected that near the end of the show they will have some sort of time line split and according to the “current” time line then entire existance of this Enterprise will not exist, which is why all the “future history” is being contradicted in this series. It was obvious when we saw the time war thingy in the first season. Of course, I’ve only seen a few episodes because I think it isn’t “Star Trek”.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Berman, et. al. head shooting

    If someone shoots Berman and company in the head, and there are no brains in there, does anyone care?

  • Anonymous Coward


    So…by trying to create recognition, they’re hoping we’ll be good little sheep and forget the show is utter crap?
    Anyone who would care already knew this was supposed to be Star Trek, and we all hated it. Cancel the crap, bring back more original Star Trek and possibly some Next Generation, all the other series bit.

    • Anonymous Coward


      I hate Enterprise. I pray every night that it will be cancelled. It is a complete and utter digrace to all things Trek!

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